Home office colors should be soothing but they probably shouldn't put you to sleep. Taupe and white are traditional colors for these rooms, but you can still get a specific theme in your space depending on how you use these tones.

White Paint Colors for an Office

Let your furniture determine paint colors for an office. If you have any kind of distressed finish or a crackle look then use the accent color as your wall color. This is going to be very monochromatic so make sure you ahve a few pops of color on your storage boxes or desk accessories.

How you use the colors is going to determine the overall theme. You could apply barn wood to one of your walls for a farmhouse look. Stay away form laminate and plastic furniture and go for true antiques or at the very least invest in thrift store finds.

If you want more of a cottage look then you need to use white on your furniture instead of concentrating on a lot of wood tones. You can do this simply with paint and it instantly adds a more feminine look. However, if it's feeling too feminine then add in a lot of vintage hardware or a leather office chair; just make sure that it's white too so there isn't too much contrast. This is going to allow you to use more of a pastel tone in your space.

Vintage Office Paint Colors

If you're shopping at thrift stores then vintage looks are the way to go. You can really be inspired by old diners or even country corner stores. These wood tones are going to be faded and worn. While this is easy to achieve on your furniture it can be difficult to pick for your actual wall color. This could be a soft sage green for a classic effect. However, you don't want your office to be too relaxing so you'll also need to add in lots of rich wood furniture to contrast against this. Oftentimes you can take the inspiration from old signs or even chipped paint on furniture pieces.

You can also go with a more feminine feeling but again it shouldn’t be too distracting. Try out periwinkle paint colors, which can even help you out if you have an entire family office. You’re going to want to go with more sophisticated furniture choices. This includes a mirrored desk that will act as a neutral but still adds a more luxurious air. You can also use magnet boards depending on the technology of your computer and disks. This brings in a stainless steel element. .You can use small magnetic spice jars to serve as magnets or hold small office supplies such as push pins.

Office Colors for Every Room

This is also a consideration for other areas of your home. For instance you could buy funky orange filing cabinets for a teen’s room. You could even get mismatched items as long as they are int he same style and it's a lot easier than just painting yoru walls in all of these neon palettes. This makes the most of cheap furniture that you can get at IKEA or even Wal-Mart and still gives you a defined style.

Brown is going to be one of your more common colors but it's important to make sure that it makes a statement. This is especially true if your office just a part of yoru dining room or bedroom. In this case go for leather furniture, even though it does cost a little bit more money. This could even be sleek with stainless steel legs. However, leather desks usually go in more of a vintage kind of design style. Pairing it with leather handles gives it the appearance of a suitcase for a unique piece of furniture that will mach almost any wood tone.

Oftentimes home offices are the forgotten room in your house. It's important to add in architectural details for character. This could even give you an arts and crafts style, not matter the age of your home. Instead in rich wood window casings and floor molding. This compliments any earth tone paint color and you can just paint every item in your space a taupe. White won't be appropriate for this design style. However, then you can add in bright colors with stained glass doors on your cabinets. Depending on the pattern it will still provide you with a ton of privacy.

If this is going to be a part of yoru dining room then it’s important that you go with a smaller desk. This can even act as a buffet when not in use. In this case make a statement with furniture tones such as a sleek black writing desk with chrome hardware.

You can also go for a masculine or bold palette by combining cobalt blue with black furniture pieces. You might want to use this against bright white walls for a modern effect. This is the perfect shade for office colors because it’s one of the few blue shades that aren’t going to put you to sleep. You can often find this tone in artwork by Georgia O’Keefe which will give you a slightly more feminine air.

Another blue color that's suitable for work is going to be teal. If you're shopping on a budget this is a fun option because you can find upholstered chairs in this tone readily available at thrift stores. Traditionally this would work with teak wood furniture for a retro design. However, it makes sense to add in a cheery yellow piece just so you aren't recreating the thrift store right in your home which can end up looking a little bit dingy. Jut makes sure that the yellow isn’t too bright, especially if it’s on yoru desk. You still need to have a functional work area after all. This can work with either gray or taupe walls. When working with these more subdued palettes its important that you add in accent colors so your work space doesn’t seem too dreary.