Buying a corner computer desk for your home office has lots of advantages. They cost a bit more than a standard, straight desk, but the extra versatility and space makes the extra cost bearable.

What Can You Put In The Corner Of An Office?

Corners are very difficult to utilise properly. You can buy quadrant-shaped desk extensions to go around a corner and join two desks at 90 degrees to each other. You can put a computer underneath the quadrant desk extension and a monitor on top of it. This works great, until you try to sit at the computer; there is nowhere for your knees to go, so it is not a very comfortable solution.

The knee problem is there if you push a desk into the corner and butt another against it at right angles, it is not very satisfactory.

A corner desk is designed to join two desks at right angles with a large, usable space. There is plenty of room for your knees and any corner desk is deep enough to easily accommodate a monitor and a keyboard comfortably.

Where Can You Find A Corner Computer Desk For Sale?

Any office suppliers will carry various complete ranges of office desks. Each range will include curved desks, straight desks and corner desks. The desks you will find at an office supplier will be stronger and heavier than your usual home office desk. They might come as flat-packs, but they will still be stronger.

Office corner desks often come with a welded steel frame. This gives them the strength and rigidity necessary to move these heavy desks around safely. These desks are not designed to come apart, so if you buy one, make sure you can get it home on a dry day in the back of a truck or trailer. A typical office corner desk is about four feet in both directions. Some office supply stores will arrange delivery, at a price.

Where Can You Find Cheap Corner Computer Desks?

Every town and city has a store that sells used office desks. You will have a choice of cheap corner office desks in all the basic colors, including teak, mahogany, cherry and beech effect desks. You should buy matching straight desks from the same used office furniture store to make sure the colors match. Nobody ever looks underneath a desk, so it does not matter if the desks have different frames, as long as they are the same height, depth and color.

You can buy three matching desks, including the best corner desk in the shop for under $400. You will not find a mark on any of the desks, even at this knock down price; they will look like new. You will even be able to buy matching pedestal drawer units.

Why Would You Need A Corner Computer Desk?

One desk is fine if you are fitting out an office to be used as a computer room or a student work room, but if you are setting up a home office for business purposes you will need at least three desks, even if there will only be one person working in the office.

A corner desk gives a single, coherent, whole look to your office if you buy it with two matching straight desks. The desks are heavy enough that they do not even need to be bolted together.

The corner desk is the only way to run your desks around a corner and have a corner desk surface that you can use. It is also the most efficient way to arrange your desks if you are working on your own in your home office. Your computer can sit underneath, out of the way, and your monitor can sit near the back of the corner, giving you plenty of room to type or write in front of the monitor.