A disorganized home can be a stressful environment. You can save yourself quite a bit of aggravation by doing a little home organization. Turning a cluttered mess into an easy to live in home can take some time, but it is worth the effort. Once you get your home organized it is important to keep it that way. Don't fall back into those bad habits which got you where you are now.

One of the very first steps of organizing a room or entire house is the hardest … getting rid of unused stuff. Trying to keep every little scrap of paper or outgrown item of clothing will keep your house looking messy. There are only so many places that things can be hidden away, and once those places are full the time comes to take out the trash.

My personal method of decluttering a home is to take everything out of the area that I am working on so I can start with a blank slate. This is a good time to add a shelving unit or to try and figure out if there is any way to add a bit of storage to a room. This can be done to organize every room of the house but it has to be done one room at a time, otherwise you could end up trapped in a corner someplace and won't be able to figure out how to get out.

Room by Room Home Organization

- Organizing your kitchen can make cooking and cleaning more efficient. Start by getting rid of old spices that you never use, adding extra cabinets or shelves, adding some pantry storage, and sorting through those junk drawers.
- Organizing your bathroom will make life much simpler in the morning. Start by getting rid of old outdated makeup and any other bits and pieces that you never use. Adding a closet (if you don't have one) for towels and wash cloths to make them easy to locate. If the bathroom is large enough having a few laundry baskets or hampers in there can make doing the laundry easier.
- Organizing Your Living Room will make it a place you are proud to entertain guests and family in. Relocate as many items as possible to other areas of the house and find furniture with drawers to hide things that you really must have in the room.
- Organizing Your Bedroom will make it the relaxing haven that it should be. Adding closets and getting rid of unneeded junk is just the first step in this room.
- Organizing a Kids Bedroom can be enjoyable. Bright plastic totes and personalized toy boxes can go a long way in making a fun and happy (and neat) bedroom for a child.
- Organizing Your Closet is one of the hardest things to do. Getting rid of clothes that don't fit is hard to do, but keeping your fat clothes, skinny clothes, and ugly sweaters from Aunt Matilda can go a long way in adding usable space to any closet. Adding some customizable shelving, bins, and drawers will make what space you recover more efficient.

Home organization is a lot of work but will make life much simpler in the end. Roll up your sleeves, get to work, and get your home is ship shape.