As with many things in life, often the difficulty can be in just getting started.  But this can also be the solution i.e. just start!  Once you're out the blocks and gather even the smallest amount of momentum it's often easier to develop and build from there even if the initial results are small.  Just cast your mind back and recall the infamous book in the classic comedy movie - What About Bob: Baby Steps!  One such area this is true for me is with home organization and general decluttering.  Thankfully I've now made some progress and have completed a few projects.  This is thanks in part to having found some quick, easy and cheap ideas to get myself started.  What worked for me was gaining an initial sense of achievement and that fueled further motivation to the point where these days now even my garage is not too shabby looking!
My personal experience having made an effort to improve in this area is that it's very worthwhile.  I've found that clutter consumes and wastes my energy, attention, effort and time when we have to tend to our junk and cannot find something easily when we need it.  If you can relate to this and wish to read more about this point specifically then I'd highly recommend Don Aslett's classic book - Clutters Last Stand.
So here are some inexpensive suggestions to get you on your way with home organization which are super easy & quick to implement and are budget-minded.
1. Cabinet Door Pan Lid Storage
This is a great way to start utilizing unused space on the back of your kitchen cabinet doors and free up space within your actual cabinet.  In my case, the reality was inside the cabinet was overfilled so installing the lid rack meant an end to the avalanche of pots, pans and lids when opening the cabinet door.
Home organization 1Credit: S Brook
2. Plate and Dish Stacking Shelf Racks
These are another cost effective way to reclaim unused space in your kitchen cabinets which either don't have a shelf in them or there is unused vertical space.  The racks allow you to stack items safely.  They can be used for many different items such as cans and bottles but bear in mind you don't want really heavy items on them and don't use them on a high shelf where you have to stretch and reach.   
Home organization 2Credit: Amazon
3. Drawer Organizers & Dividers
If like most people you have a junk drawer, then this one is especially for you with either/or a cutlery organization utility (Bamboo example below) or drawer dividers (which spring-clip and slot into an empty drawer and are great for longer utensils).  This is simply about being able to lay your hands on desired items quickly when you need them and make it easy to return them to their proper place.  Whilst I was installing both these options I also took the opportunity to declutter and removed any items from the drawers that were rarely used.  These were donated/recycled or just stored elsewhere.  I was surprised at how much unused stuff was in there taking up space.  
Home Organization 3Credit: AmazonHome Organization 4Credit: Amazon
4. Elfa Door & Wall Rack Media System
Lastly but by no means least, and this is a more pricier option, is an Elfa solution.  It provides an amazing amount of additional space and is very easy to install.  You can also configure it to some extent with a choice of different basket sizes to meet your exact needs.  You can find Elfa products available at various different sites.  I have two of these but be warned.  The Elfa product-range is somewhat alluring and some of the systems and accessories start to become expensive.  But with that said, the Elfa Door & Wall Rack Media System represents excellent value-for-money.
Home organization 5Credit: Container Store
I know setting aside time to tackle these projects can be very challenging.  So I hope this has inspired or helped you in some way and given a few useful ideas to make a start on your own Home Organization projects.  Good luck on your own de-junking journey.
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