There isn’t anyone on the planet who doesn’t want to have clear skin but sometimes there is a big obstacle in the way in the form of acne. When you are a teen suffering from these unpleasant spots, people will tell you that they won’t last long and by the time you are twenty you will have clear skin, but you soon realize that was a lie. More or less, acne depends on genetics and some people are lucky to never suffer from it while others will have it from their early teens to mid-twenties. Even later in life, you will probably still get the occasionally pimple. While you could spend money on expensive treatments or medications to get rid of this annoying skin condition, it is a lot cheaper and easier to use the supplies you have right in your home. Here are several home remedies for acne that actually work and will help you get the clear skin of your dreams.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sometimes it seems that no matter what you are looking to cure, apple cider vinegar is one of the home remedies but the truth is that it can do wonders as an acne home remedy. That is because it helps regulate your skin’s pH and will also help detoxify your body. It also has both lactic and malic acids, both of which work wonders for exfoliating and softening your skin. Best of all, it is cheap, already in your home and you can use it on any part of your body. Directions for this remedy vary but you should always dilute it (an equal ratio of water and apple cider vinegar is ideal) and lightly dab it on the affected areas using a cotton ball (or similar item). The difference in instructions comes from what to do after. Some will tell you to leave it on while others recommend rinsing after ten to fifteen minutes. It is better to rinse as it can make your skin red, but if you have an area that won’t go away and your skin isn’t too sensitive, there is no harm in leaving it on.

Tomatoes (Or Tomato Pulp)

Tomatoes are another one of the great home remedies for acne and the reason is that their acidity will help your skin dry the acne. In addition, tomato has several vitamins that are commonly found in expensive acne medications such as lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. When applying this acne home remedy for clear skin you have two options. The easiest method is to simply slice the tomato and lay it on the affected part of your skin. If you need to cover a wider area, you can mash it to create tomato pulp and use it as a facial mask.



Honey is another acne home remedy and this one works because it moisturizes the skin and works as an antiseptic. This means it will kill the bacteria that cause the acne, leaving you with clear skin. Simply put a bit on the affected areas for thirty minutes then rinse it with warm water. Follow up with a cold water rinse to close your pores. If you want to make a mask, you can mix honey with powdered nutmeg and repeat the same process. Another option is to mix it with cinnamon which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting agent, both of which help cure acne.

Lemon Juice

We already mentioned that part of the reason apple cider vinegar works as one of the home remedies for acne is because of its acidity and that is true for lemon juice as well. The acidity in the juice will help dry out your pimples in addition to killing the bacteria that cause acne. It also has the added benefit of containing vitamin C to help your skin glow and stay healthy. As with most of the other home remedies for acne, you have several options. If you have lemon juice, the easiest is to put a bit on a cotton ball and rub it on the areas with acne. If you have whole lemons, cut a slice and rub it over the area. In either case, leave it for several hours before rinsing. If you prefer, you can also mix an equal amount of lemon juice and rose-water and use it to wash the area.


Another incredibly simple acne home remedy uses your toothpaste. Simply put a small amount on top of your acne right before bed and when you wake up in the morning wash it off. This works because the toothpaste will not only dry out your acne, but also cut the swelling associated with it.

Olive Oil

If you have scars associated with the problem, olive oil is the best acne home remedy for you. That is because it will rejuvenate your skin by repairing the dryness and damage that caused by acne. The idea of putting olive oil on your face isn't always appealing, but it can do wonders. Try adding a bit of salt to the olive oil before applying it and after leaving it on for a bit, rinse it off with warm water.

Aloe Vera Juice

Another home remedy that seems to work for everything is aloe vera so it is no surprise that its juice is one of the many home remedies for acne. Like olive oil, this is great for those who have acne scars as well. Simply apply it to the area with acne twice each day and you will see results in no time.


Whenever you picture someone at a spa, you imagine them with cucumbers over their eyes and this is not random. Cucumbers have cooling and soothing properties which is what makes them ideal in treating acne. Because they have a high water content (95%) cucumbers can help clean your pores and remove any dead skin cells, eliminating the cause for acne. To apply this acne home remedy and get the clear skin you want, try grinding them up and mixing it with water. An alternative is to grind it in the blender then add a teaspoon of yogurt. Leave this remedy on for thirty minutes before rinsing it off.