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There are times when you think you’re being very careful in the kitchen, you’re cooking a couple of dishes for dinner and you’re excited about what you’re making. A quick second later and you have a harsh burn on your arm. Burns are painful; heal differently than cuts and bruises and need to be treated specifically. Do you know anything you can do at home that is going to make the wound not only feel better but heal quicker and be less painful as it does? Believe it or not there are often many things you will find in your own home to help your body. Here are a couple items you may be able to find in your home that make excellent home remedies for burns.

Home Remedies For Burns You Can Do Without Leaving The Kitchen

So you’ve wounded yourself and want to make sure the burn stops damaging the skin immediately. The first place you should snag home remedies for burns is with some help is the freezer. A bag of peas is a wonderful way to ease the pain and stop further damage. It’s often recommended that you put a towel between the skin and the bag of frozen goods. The idea is to cool the area off and provide some relief.

Be careful to consider how severe the burn is because if it looks like it’s going to blister or have a layer of skin come off as it heals you certainly don’t want to try a home remedy like spreading butter on it or putting a cold steak on the wounded area. As the skin peals and goes through the healing process harmful bacteria could have made a home here causing infection and further traumas. In fact the butter and raw, frozen meat treatments are often highly advised against due to risk of infection. That’s why the first thing to try with home remedies for burns is ice or something frozen.

Aloe Vera For Burns

There is a very serious reason this plant is always recommended. It has some of the strongest healing properties of any plant that is commonly found. Home remedies for burns always include this plant in the short list of possible solutions. There is some good news; they are very easy to care for. If your reason for not having this fantastic home remedy for burns around is you don’t have a green thumb you should reconsider. Not only are they fantastic for healing all sorts of minor burns they can help with scrapes as well. These plants are very easy to find and often quite reasonable to purchase. Additionally, it is simple to use the leaves of the plants to treat the burn with. Simply cut a leaf off and juice will seep from the plant. This is what you’ll want to apply to the wound.

Home Remedies For Burns And Witch Hazel

No self-respecting medicine cabinet should be without this all important, useful and natural first aid treatment. This is a fantastic remedy for dogs with chronic ear infections. It has astringent properties which help to heal wounds, ease swelling and offer pain relief. This is a super cheap item to get from any pharmacy, grocery store or other department stores.  Make sure to keep a bottle of this astringent around at all times for any sort of ailment and you’ll be pleased with the way it can helps.

Home Remedies For Burns From The Sun

The real truth is that not all burns are created equal. There are some things you’ll want to consider when you’re treating your sunburn. Aloe Vera is a wonderful aid for sunburns as well as flame burns. In addition to this many people recommend using Calamine lotion on the tender area. As with almost any burn the first home remedy for burns is to apply cool compresses in the form of wet towels or ice packs. Just be careful not to go overboard on letting the area get too cold because you’ll just be adding to the stress your skin is enduring.

Home Remedies For Burns And The After Care

You’re going to experience some pain so many people take a little acetaminophen which can also help with the swelling you may experience from getting burned. Make sure to take as directed. In addition to this you should follow your home remedies for burns with taking great care of the area. You’ll want to keep it clean to prevent infection.

Don’t pop blisters no matter how tempting it may be. As the skin continues to heal it’s not a bad idea to take vitamin E pills. You can take these orally to help with skin production among other natural body processes. You can also break the capsules open and apply directly to the damaged skin to promote healing and new growth. Home remedies for burns should include measures to help prevent infection, scarring or further skin damage. This is why avoiding the use of food products directly on the area should be avoided. Moreover, it’s not a great idea to scrub too vigorously at the area or to pick at it.

Once the skin is less tender be sure to use a high quality lotion often. There are several on the market that can help the skin to heal as well as make it more supple and extremely soft. If you want to do all you can to make sure that you have minimal scarring then consider treating the area several times a day to a thorough lotion treatment.

You will want to make sure to consult a doctor if the area starts to look angry or ooze. Keep a close eye on the wound so you can insure you’re able to prevent infection as well as to be sure it looks to be healing properly. Burns are such a strange wound that you’ll have to be careful about keeping an eye on the healing process. If infection takes hold you can run into so many problems, if this happens call your doctor.