Home remedies for cold sores are helpful information for those that are prone to cold stores.  These little blisters can be very irritating when they show up.  Learning to prevent cold sores is the first step, then knowing what to put on cold sores after the crop up is good to know.

Cold sores usually present as small blisters around the mouth and nose.  They tend to more prevalent in teens and can be spread by kissing.  Cold sores are caused by the Herpes simplex virus.  Most people have a natural immunity, and this enables them to keep it under control.  However, sometimes a cold or a sore throat will cause a cold sore to break out.  Cold weather or sun may also cause a flare up.  In some families, the immunity may be a little weak, and therefore they may have more breakouts.

Stages of a Cold Sore

The first stage will usually be a tingling sensation.  Then there will be a blister which will be sore, hot, and itchy.  They may fill with a yellow liquid and burst.  The blister will develop a crust, and after a few days heal.  The virus creating the cold sore will stay in the system, and so the blisters may re-occur.  A person may feel a little rundown.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores

What to put on home sores?  Well, the cause of the cold sore, the herpes simplex virus cannot be removed from the body, so the only thing to do is to treat the blister when it shows up. 

There are various creams that can be applied to the lips and sides of the mouth.  These should calm the soreness, or itchiness.  The best way to figure out the trigger of the sore, and treat based on that.  

  • Try Calendula for cold sores on the lips or sides of the mouth. 
  • Natrum mur can be tried if the cold sore has been triggered by sun exposure or a head cold. 
  • The lips may also be dry and cracked.  Use sepia on cold sores around the lips and corners of the mouth.  The lower lip might be swollen and cracked.
  • Cover sore with petroleum jelly to prevent further infection of sore
  • Do not touch spot
  • Some studies have shown licorice, which has glycyrrhizic acid, may kill cold sore virus cells.  Make sure the ingredients have “licorice mass” in the ingredients.
  • Apply ice when it first shows up.  Try cold item also, like smoothies, popsicle and slushes.  Avoid anything with acid in it.
  • Soaking with milk early on may help.

How to Prevent Cold Sores

Once a person has had a cold sore, it shows the virus is active in the body, and they might want to take preventive measures to prevent additional outbreaks.  Preventive steps include: 

  • Changing toothbrush – wait until the first one is healed.
  • Do not share lipstick, makeup, cups, or anything else that will help it spread from one person to another
  • No kissing
  • Protect lips from sun, buy sunscreen designed for lips
  • Clean hands after touching blister to make sure you do not spread it
  • Try to figure out any triggers and avoid them, if possible.  Triggers may include fever, colds, infections, stress, tiredness, allergies, and dental work.
  • If your cold sores are being caused by stress, trying taking zinc lozenges to boost the immune system

 Knowledge and thoughts on home remedies for cold sores vary from person to person.  Thoughts on what to put on cold sores will also depend on how the trigger for the cold sore and what has previously worked for the person.   As with a lot of problems, the best defense is a good offense, so learn how to prevent cold sores to avoid the irritation and soreness of the cold sore.  If one thing does not work for you, try another remedy the next time.