From new born infants to children of the age 10, there are home remedies for constipation for all age groups. Children will eat almost anything and do not understand that they have to drink the same amount of water. Water loosens the bowels and will help remove the toxic waste inside the body. However it does happen sometimes that children will face constipation and some home remedies have to be used in order to help them remove the waste products from their body.

When constipation occurs there can be other troubles which may arise like stomach ache, paining of the anal area, urinary infections and so on. Sometimes the appendix also gets affected and that can rapture due to pressure. Let us see some home remedies for children who face constipation, but make sure to consult with your doctor first, to ensure your child´s health and safety.

Apple and its juices are considered the best home remedies for constipation in children and adults. Children below the age of one can be fed apple juice or apple pulp daily so that they have the loose bowels and will do their daily excretory chores regularly. Apple can be consumed by adults as well and then everyone knows the saying "An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away".

The natural nutrients of apple will help soften the excretory waste and the baby will not face any problems while throwing it out. It has been seen that when apple is fed daily the baby urinates regularly as well and hence all the impurities get thrown out without affecting the baby's growth.

Many have tried the method of using prune juice mixed with water for their babies. Prune juice acts as one of the best home remedies for constipation in children. You need to take one portion of prune juice and one portion of water. Mix it well and feed the baby spoon by spoon after regular intervals. This will help the baby's stomach, intestine and anal area to get flexibility and the waste collected will dilute and come out of the body immediately. Do not use sugar to make the juice sweet as prunes are sweet already. The juice simulates the bowels in the baby and will help him or her to release all waste.

Babies of the age 6 months and above can consume fruits and this is when the excreta starts getting solid. This is when constipation can occur. Even though you mash the fruit pulp or give the baby juices of various fruits the fruit waste products can cause constipation. When you have to feed the baby fruits and still not harm him or her you can start with bananas. Make sure you buy ripened or over ripened bananas.

These count as excellent home remedies for constipation in kids. The banana acts as a simulator to loosen the excreta and hence you will observe the baby's stomach will get cleaned on its own.

Besides food products another way which is simple home remedy for constipation is using a small Q-tip and soap. You should soak the tip in soap water and insert it gently in the baby's butt. Don't go very deep, just a 2 second insert and out. This is something like giving enema and you will see how the excreta starts to get thrown out immediately. You will also observe a change in the child's behavior and it will smile instantly. You can try this on infants, babies and children of age 10 as well.

This method is a good home remedy and does not take any time. One can reply on this method once in a while but do not make your child used to this way or excreting. If there is constant constipation one needs to take medicines.

When babies are breast feeding, a lot of gas can get captured inside the baby's stomach. This gas can get trapped in the baby's small and large intestine as well. This can cause constipation and hence give colic pain and abdomen pain. A perfect home remedy for constipation caused this way is using a hot towel. Keep a tub of hot water near you, soak a terrycloth towel in it and squeeze out the water. Then rub this on the baby's stomach and butt.

This will release the gas that is trapped in the stomach by either a burp or through the anal. You can also massage the baby lightly on his stomach and abdomen area in the downward motion. This will release the air and hence help the baby to push the excreta out.

Constipation in infants and babies happens only because they have started to eat solid food. Instead of feeding them with heavy to digest foods or canned and tinned baby food, you can always try giving then rice cereal or rice and pulses ground together and made into soup. These are one of the best home remedies for constipation in children. Infact these foods will not let constipation occur in children at all. They are easy to digest and not harsh on the delicate stomach muscles of the child. They are tasty foods when you add a pinch of salt and pepper to it. You will see how your child will develop the taste of rice and how he or she will start liking it.

When you are an expectant mother or have just had a little bundle of joy, the best things to think about the baby can be done by the mother. Constipation is a problem which most babies face. Make sure you do not rush to the doctor instantly and feed the baby with heavy medicines for such trivial issues. Your doctor should be visited if the problem is a regular one and none of the home remedies are working.

Your baby has very delicate organs and any kind of harsh medicine can spoil the digestive system and excretory system completely. Feed your baby the best foods and the most natural ones and again, if in doubt always contact your doctor first.

You can always opt for home remedies for constipation in children, the above guidelines as you see are mainly focussed on using proper nutrition which is really important during the time your child needs it most.