If you have found yourself tearing through socks or nylons at a high rate of speed, or have been accused of scratching your bed partner or even yourself in the night, then maybe it is time to take a look at those feet.

In the winter months we tend to forget about them, and hide them in thick socks and heavy boots and in the summer months we abuse them walking barefoot everywhere.  Some people can abuse their feet and still look great, but others begin to see the results as cracked heels and dry feet.dry cracked feetCredit: morguefile.com

There are ways to treat these poor tired and abused feet, either at home or at a spa.  If your budget allows, getting a pedicure is a great way to let someone else deal with your feet as this is not just for the toes but also the heels, but for this treatment to work well you would have to keep going on a regular basis and that can get expensive.

You can get started at home, if you are willing to put in a bit of time, and then maybe head to a spa for a foot treatment as a treat or once a month to keep on top of your own foot work at home.

There are affordable accessories to get started, and this would be a great investment in yourself, because keep in mind, that if cracked heels become very dry that bacteria can get into those crevices and cause redness and pain and a trip to the Doctor.  So, get started on your feet before they get ugly.

Removing Dried Skin from Heels and Feet

If you don’t have time for a foot soak but want to really attack those harden crusty areas on your heels, then this type of accessory is a good place to start.  Don’t take a blade to your cracked heels you can do a lot of damage, something like this Amope Pedi will take layers of dead skin off your feet.  Keep in mind this is an electronic device,  so not to be used in the tub!

how to heal dried cracked heelsCredit: amazon.com

Once you have removed as much as you can, then pamper yourself with a soak.  These accessories do wonders for your pour old soles, but you must get into the habit of using them at the first sign of thickening of the skin, this way it is quicker to get rid of.

dry cracked feetCredit: Amazon.com

Getting Your Feet Clean and Soft

You can do this by soaking your feet in a foot bath or pan that will fit your feet.  Use warm water and a few drops of your favourite oil and make yourself a cup of tea and sit for a while and enjoy the soak.

If you wish to take it a step further, you can get accessories that really help.  This product above is made in the USA and is recommended by podiatrists.  It allows you to scrub your feet without having to bend over and scrub them.  This is perfect for anyone with limited movements when it comes to dealing with your feet.

Make sure you get in between the toes and those nasty dry heals.  This will feel great, especially if you have to do this yourself without help.  So either soaking your feet or taking it a step further with accessories to help soften and clean your feet is always the first step.

Dry HeelsCredit: amazon.com
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Pedicure Rasp

If you really don’t like the idea of electronic devices, and want something that you could use in the shower or bath that is quick and can become a part of your routine, then a rasp works well too especially for maintaining good looking skin on your feet.  

If you are just getting started, don’t take too much dead skin off at one time, do this over days and you won’t irritate your heels.  It took a long time for them to get that way; it may take a little bit of patience and some time to get them soft again.

dry heelsCredit: amazon.com
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Heavy Foot Cream

It is best if you can invest in a cream that is designed specifically for the foot.  Most moisturizers are great for hands and the rest of your body, but when it comes to those tough soles they need some extra help, so by getting a specific cream you are on your way to the smooth skin you are looking for.

This will stick to the right areas and is a great night moisturizer for those tired feet when you go to bed.

Dry HeelsCredit: amazon.com

Gel Socks for Cracked Heels

One of the best treatments for cracked heels is to soak them and give them a good scrub, and then lather them in foot cream and then put on these gel socks to go to bed.  It feels great and keeps your sheets clean from the cream.

These socks are perfect for the heel issue as there are no toes in them to overheat you especially at night.  This is a fast way to really soften those heels.

We tend to take our feet for granted, and really don’t notice there is an issue until sandal season when you have to unveil them or when a cracked heel gets inflamed and you feel it every time you walk.  You can even scratch yourself on sharp hangnails and dead bits of skin, in the night. 

So, if you are tired of hiding them under thick socks in the middle of the summer, or tired of them feeling so dry and sore, then try some of these simple ideas.  If you don’t want to purchase anything and need to start tonight, you can get creative at home with a good soak in the tub, some lotion and pair of clean socks before bed.  This will get things started and you will love the feeling so much you will keep it up.

Your feet are just as important as your hair and makeup, so make sure to include them in your daily beauty rituals and they will reward you back by looking and feeling great.