There are many home remedies for dry skin, that can not only save you money, but do an incredible job – sometimes far better than the expensive products you find in the shops. Not only are home remedies for dry skin less expensive and often more effective, but they are also free from lots of baddies, such as additives, preservatives, color and scent, all of which can irritate sensitive skin.

Dry skin cleansers: Milk, applied with a cotton wool ball to the skin is a great dry skin cleanser. Yogurt also can be used. The lactic acid of milk gently exfoliates and smooths skin, leaving it soft, clean and supple.

Spritzing the skin with mineral water between cleansing and moisturizing helps lock in moisture through the day.

Dry skin moisturizers: Olive oil has been used for centuries as a beautifying nourishing skin oil and is still used extensively through Africa and India. Almond oil also has many nourishing qualities and makes a great skin moisturizer. Both olive and almond oil may be used on the face. If you have a supply of vitamin E capsules at home, these can be broken open and applied to skin to nourish and protect skin.

Argan oil is another natural moisturizer, reputed to have miraculous anti-ageing qualities, that is high in vitamin E and phenols, which help keep skin (and hair) soft and supple. In Asia, coconut oil is a widely used moisturiser, which smells delicious and leaves skin soft and nourished.

Dry skin face masks: Bananas, mashed and applied to skin, make a nourishing natural face mask, full of skin smoothing and anti-wrinkle antioxidants. Mashed avocado and honey face masks also nourish, calm and soothe dry skin. Honey and yogurt can be mixed into a face mask – honey is packed full of dry-skin nourishment.

Dry skin bath soak: Add a cup of oatmeal to a washcloth, tie it up and hang it under the hot tap in your bath. Add the bath water, and enjoy an oatmeal bath. The end result? Gently exfoliated, super smooth, baby-soft skin.

Consider buying an aloe vera plant. The leaves can be broken off and rubbed onto skin, for instant calming and soothing.

If you suffer from dry skin, be sure to avoid very hot water and astringents on the skin. Be sure to choose products that are as natural as possible, without added colors and preservatives. Regular soap is also a no-no. Should you decide to buy products for dry skin – consider REN Skincare products – made with no added skin baddies, they are luxurious, indulgent and best of all… they really work!