Home remedies for heartburn are the most needed when a woman is pregnant in the house. There will be burning sensations in the chest; throat and the woman would not know what she can do to reduce it. In such a condition she cannot eat, drink or even sleep. She keeps burping dry burps and life becomes miserable. Usually heart burn starts after the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and that is the time when the she is most uncomfortable. During these times when heart burn occurs there are many remedies she can try out and not necessarily run to a doctor. In this article you will get to know about the various home remedies for heart burn during pregnancy.

When during pregnancy you can feel heartburn anytime of the day or night. To avoid it there is a very effective method. Home remedies for heartburn should include a mixture made from ginger roots juice and lemon. You can get fresh ginger roots in the market which you use for cooking. Smash these and squeeze the juice from them in a small bowl. Squeeze some lime juice in this and mix well. Add a pinch or rock salt and a spoon of sugar. Mix well again till the sugar and salt dissolve. Give the pregnant lady facing heartburn a spoon full slowly. The juice is hot in taste and should not be consumed quickly. It will reduce the growth of acidity in the stomach and reduce heart burn drastically.

One of the main reasons a pregnant lady will face heartburn is due to her eating habits. In normal conditions a person usually has 3-4 meals in a day. These meals are eaten in such a way that your stomach fills up. A pregnant lady should eat 5-6 meals in a day but the quantity should be the same as all the normal 3-4 meals. Eat in small quantities in all meals and divide the portions of food you consume in the whole day into small parts. This is one of the best home remedies for heartburn in pregnant ladies and is very effective. The lady can eat small quantities and drink a good amount of water. This will reduce the formation of gas in the stomach and stop heartburn as well.

Alcohol and caffeine drinks are not recommended for pregnant ladies. These can be one of the most important causes of heart burn. Home remedies for heartburn include the reduction of consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee and replace it with fresh fruit juices, coconut water, plain water, etc. these will not cause any kind of heart burn or gas problems and hence be beneficial to the lady and her child. Juices will give her the extra nutrients and vitamins that the baby needs to grow in the womb and coconut water maintains the level of fluid inside the uterus. These two liquid forms will help reduce any kind of acidic feelings in the throat and chest.

Heartburn can be caused due to no movement of the pregnant lady. She has to bear the weight of the baby in her uterus and her own weight hence her movements will reduce drastically. She needs to eat food and does not move so much after eating. This causes the burning sensation in the throat and stomach. Home remedies for heartburn say that after eating food the expecting mother should go for a small walk near the house. She can walk about 100 to 200 steps slowly and steadily and this will release all the gas trapped inside the stomach and abdomen area. She will digest her food better and will feel hungry much faster. It is also recommended that she does not lie down immediately after having a meal. This can cause serious heartburn.

Basil is one herb which is very effective on heartburn. The medicinal properties of basil will enable it to reduce all kinds of acidity and burning sensations in a pregnant woman's body. When home remedies for heartburn are talked about, basil has to be mentioned. Basil is a inexpensive herb got any in market all over the world and is an excellent antioxidant. Chew on a small portion of basil leaves well washed and cut if you want. The taste is very much neutral and there would be no side effects at all.

Milk is considered the best medicine for a pregnant woman. Cold milk is one of the best home remedies for heartburn. After eating a meal in the afternoon an expecting lady may feel burning sensations in the throat. This can be reduced effectively with the help of cold milk. Cold milk will soothe the burning feeling and stop the increase in acids in the stomach. It will heal the throat of any infections and also keep the lady full for some time. Milk has other properties as well which will always benefit the lady rather than causing harm. If the lady likes sweet milk, she can add a spoonful of sugar and milk can taste much better.

Green vegetables and leafy vegetables are also considered very well for reducing heartburn. The doctors will always recommend the expecting lady to eat more green leafy vegetables. These will benefit the lady in more than one ways and not harm her. Home remedies for heartburn include a lot of green vegetables like beans, spinach, etc. these can be consumed on a daily basis in mostly all meals. They will provide the lady with all the essential nutrients and also keep the baby healthy inside the womb.

When consuming any kind of home remedies, always make sure you speak to an expert. A pregnant lady is prone to all kinds of illnesses and infections. Things which she might not even have thought of can happen to her due to anything. Hence before consuming any kind of medicine, speak to a doctor. Natural products like vegetables and ginger are something which she can consume if she likes the taste. Eating anything forcefully during pregnancy will always result in more heartburn and vomiting. Home remedies for heartburn should be administered to a pregnant woman with her consent.