Mosquitoes can be very disturbing. They bite you when you are enjoying your sleep. They can sometimes wake you up from the sweet dreams and send you into a scratching panic.  If are allergic to their bites you could end up with huge whelps on your body. Moreover, they are the vectors of deadly Malaria disease. They breed in stagnant water and that is the main reason why stagnant water is discouraged near your home. Due to the stubborn nature of mosquitoes people have tried many methods of getting rid of them with an aim of improving life in general. From the Ancient Greeks to the modern area, home remedies have been sought, found and used.


The List in Your Arsenal.

Remedies that can be used to keep mosquitoes away include the following (I started off going for a top 10 list but ended up with 25.  This is my quest to eliminate them from my home and to show my disdain for them):


1. Using garlic. This is a natural repellant to mosquitoes. You can apply a paste made of garlic on your face or legs when sleeping and mosquitoes will keep away. By ingesting the garlic in your diet or by taking garlic pills your pores will give off the scent and keeps the blood suckers away, both mosquitoes and vampires. 


2. Listerine. You can spray this on your body and mosquitoes will really avoid you. Listerine has eucalyptol in it.  However, some people say this is a myth because there is very little eucalyptol in Listerine.  However, my grandmother stated this was true and used it.  I Prefer Scope.   


3. Vinegar. If mosquitoes are too stubborn try and apply vinegar on the exposed body parts. Although it has a smell which may not be pleasant to you it really helps. The alternative is to drink two teaspoons a day mixed with water.  No Thanks, none for me.


4. Bite blocker. This has soya beans as an ingredient. It can be a perfect repellant of mosquitoes from the legs of your children when they are sleeping after applying on them.


5. Vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is a natural repellant that can work for you perfectly in chasing the stubborn insects away from your home.  Just mix a few drops in some water and spray it on your skin.  Vanilla is also used to gain mental clarity.  I guess it will be better to discover the pests that are coming near you. 


6. Diluted chlorine. A very dilute solution of chlorine can help scare away the insects. In using this you have to practice extra care for it not to enter the eyes because it is irritating to the eyes.


7. Sunscreens. These can prevent the bites greatly when applied well.  Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.  Bull Frog sun block has added mosquito repellent and a SPF of around 30.


8. Vitamin B. By consuming a lot of vitamin B complex you benefit a lot in preventing the bites. The specific vitamins in this case are Vitamin B1 and thiamine. The brewer's yeast can also work in this case.


9. Zinc. Enough zinc in your body system can naturally repel the insects. You can consume daily doses of 60 milligrams of zinc for a period of one month to acquire this desirable property.


10. Avoiding white flour and sugar this can work because they tend to attract the insects to your body at high rate due to a certain smell that your body produces after consuming them.


11. Basil oil. You can apply this oil on your exposed body parts to prevent the insects from landing on the parts which will lead to bites. Cinnamon basil and Lemon basil are my favorite.  I really like the smell.


big mosquitoes

12. Cedar oil. Is applied naturally on the body for this purpose. To keep them away from your house you could put cedar shavings around to keep the scent in the air. 


13. Catnip oil. Puts the insects away after applying.  Makes the cats going crazy so you can get a good laugh out of the situation while being protected from the pest.


14. Citronella oil .By just rubbing on the body you will achieve in repelling the harmful insects.  Citronella oil is used in a lot of massage oils, lotions, and perfumes.  Of course, they are in a lot of candles you can buy for this purpose as well.


15. Tansy oil. It helps in keeping mosquitoes away.  However, if you have sensitive skin better keep away.  On a side note people used to put Tansy in the coffins of dead people to keep worms away.  Umm okay, I will not be using that now. 


16.  Lavender oil.  Helps in keeping them at a distance. It keeps me at a distance too.  I really do not like the smell of Lavender.  Lavender is touted as a way to make people relax.  Maybe, you will so relaxed a shark could bite you and you will not know it. 


17. Penny-royal oil. By applying especially during the evening the insects will avoid your skin.  It does really good for keeping away the ticks as well.  I remember an older lady in my neighborhood had these planted around her house.  She was also known as the “cat lady.”  I guess this is why. 


18. Lemongrass oil.  Acts as a natural repellant for the insects. This is closely related to citronella grass, but can be used in foods, but taste great in hot tea. 


19. Thyme oil. Has been used for many years where it has proved positive results in keeping the insects away.  It can be eaten in salads.  It can be used to help with bruises, sprains, and other muscle injuries because it will help with blood flow. 


20. Tea tree oil. Can be bought for use at home as natural repellant, it repels the harmful insects after you apply it on your body.  That is if you can stand the smell. 


Blood sucking mosquitoCredit:

21.  Peppermint oil. Is a proven repellant for mosquitoes. I love the smell of this.  It gets me thinking about Christmas Candy.  I need a candy can right now. 


22. Lemon Eucalyptus oil. This is a perfect repellant to the stubborn insects but it is discouraged for use in children who are below three years. Even the Center for Disease Control says this is a great way to keep the little critters away. 


23. Using natural plants at home to repel the insects transmitting malaria. There are plants that are natural repellants to these insects. For convenience you can plant them in your garden for daily use in case you live in places with plenty of mosquitoes. They include plants like; Basil, Catnip, Lavender, Tansy, Thyme, Penny-royal, and Lemongrass .In using the plants you need to pick their leaves and rub on your body using them. This way they produce odor that keeps away the insects.


24. Marigolds. These produce flowers which are very beautiful; you can use them as flowers in your compound where they can serve you another purpose of keeping the insects at bay.


25. Citronella Grass. This is a grass that grows mostly in the tropical regions. It is perfect in keeping away mosquitoes in case you apply it. It is applied by being burned where it produces fumes that will keep the insects at a distance.

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