Relieving Your Sinus Infection

What I have come to understand, and my own personal story

This article will explain some home remedies for a sinus infection that I have tried, I will also explain which ones I recommend and which ones did not work so well.

From my trips to the doctors and to emerge I can summarize what I have learned about a sinus infection, more formally known as sinusitis, inflammation of the sinus. 

My doctor explained to me that somehow, not entirely sure how, foreign bacteria and viruses made their way up into my sinus, causing my sinus to produce an unheard of amount of mucous and snot while also swelling almost completely shut in the process. These infections can last weeks, 3 and half and counting for me, and is incredibly annoying and frustrating. 

I tried many home remedies for a sinus infection that I had heard from family as well as my doctor, however I am still struggling with the massive inconvenience of having decreased ventilation through my nostrils. All I can say is that for me, my home remedies for a sinus infection did actually help me out, although they did not cure it. These remedies can help you deal with your symptoms to help you sleep, however I strongly recommend a trip to your doctors to pick up some antibiotics to help cure the ailment. 

What Worked for Me

Neti Pot

The neti pot was by far the most effective remedies for removing mucous and soothing my sinus to allow the muscles to relax, opening up the airways. I found the neti pot easy to use and effective, however I found it incredibly uncomfortable to use as the feeling of water running through your head and out the other nostril is not a feeling im used to. Other than that, the only other downfall to the neti pot is that bad taste of salt water, but if you can get over that you will be breathing easier in no time. In summary:

Pros: Effective, cheap

Cons: Uncomfortable, bad taste

Neti Pot

Eating Spicy Food

Other than the neti pot, I found that eating some jalapeño and banana peppers in my sandwich cleared out my nostrils in no time, or at least broke up the mucous so I could finally blow my nose. For me there was no negatives to this method, although the relief was temporary as it seemed to only last up to 15 minutes. I enjoy spicy foods so for me this method had no negatives, however if you do not enjoy spicy foods, this method will be an annoying process which may only offer you temporary relief. In summary:

Pros: Effective

Cons: None for me


When I would finish a workout at my gym, my nose would be running like crazy. Being able to actually blow the mucous out of your nose is extremely relieving and really opens up your airways when you are used to having your nose airway complete shut. I recommend exercising for the healing process as well, not simply the watery mucous effect, as well as for general good health. For me this is the easiest and most enjoyable home remedies for a sinus infection that I tried, simply because its something I already do in my regular routine, and it did not need me doing anything uncomfortable. In summary:

Pros: Effective, easy, enjoyable

Cons: None

Things to Avoid

Blowing your nose when nothing comes out

Your nose is plugged because the muscles in the sinus are tight, as well as some swelling. Blowing your nose when no mucous is coming out is only aggravating the sinus more effectively increasing the swelling. If your nose is plugged try one of the other methods listed above and refrain from continuously blowing your nose. 

Using lots of cough medicine

For me using the basic cold and flu medicine for sinus congestion did absolutely nothing. I tried multiple kinds but nothing seemed to open up my air ways. If the cold medicine is not working do not continue to use it. If it does not take effect on the first dose it wont after the next 10 doses either. You are better off to just stop using the medicine and allow your body to defend itself.

If the medicine seems to relive your symptoms, then by all means continue to use it, however if it seems to have no effect, it's time to turn to one of my recommended home remedies for a sinus infection listed above. 


As i mentioned earlier I am still battling with a sinus infection of my own which is easily the most annoying health ailment I have experienced to date, which I am also very fortunate to say is the worst. Other than my home remedies for a sinus infection that I stated before, I can recommend checking out sinusinfectionbooks that can offer their tips and even explain some of the science behind what is going on inside your nose. 

Anyways, I hope that my after reading my article on home remedies for a sinus infection that you were actually able to learn something, and I hope that they can help relieve your symptoms, even if it's temporarily.