There are many home remedies for stuffy nose. Stuffy nose is an unpleasant condition, many times accompanied by coughing or fever. Of course you can simply clear your nose by blowing it or using a nasal aspirator (useful in case of infants that haven't learned how to blow their noses yet) but it will by stuffed up again shortly. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of stuffy nose using home methods.


Home remedies for stuffy nose

 Increase consumption of vitamin C

Probably most of us know it, but people tend to forget that kind of obvious information. The easiest way to increase consumption of vitamin C is to regularly drink tea with fresh lemon juice. You can also drink some lemon juice mixed with a bit of honey.

 Drink more liquids, preferably hot ones

Hot drinks help with getting rid of nasal congestion. You can drink hot coffee, tea, or any other liquid. Having a stuffy nose is a great reason to introduce yourself to herbal teas. Hot soups count into this group as well. You should also remember to drink more liquids (water!) than usually, it will keep the mucus thin.


Steam is a home remedy for runny nose which helps with thinning the mucus. You can inhale steam in at least two ways. First way is to take a hot shower – steam will be everywhere around you, so it's almost impossible to not inhale it (of course you inhale it with your nose). The second way to inhale steam is by using boiling water – pour it into a vessel and lean over it with a towel covering your head and the vessel. You can add a little eucalyptus oil to the boiled water as well.

 Decrease consumption of dairy and wheat products

Some people are sensitive to those products (it doesn't mean that they suffer from lactose intolerance or celiac disease), so it's a good idea to change your diet for a few days. Some people will feel better after that change.

 Put your head in elevated position during sleep

This should reduce the amount of goop that is being stored in your nose while sleeping. Here's the catch – don't try to force that position. If you don't sleep well with your head elevated, or you simply suffer from snoring in that position, then sleep in your normal position.

 Increase humidity level

Not only inhaling steam is a water-related home remedy for stuffy nose. If you have a humidifier, then it's a good idea to turn it on and humidify your room a little. As in the previously mentioned case, you can add some eucalyptus oil to the water as well.

 Eat spicy, peppery foods

Eating them is beneficial, because they are natural decongestants[2560]. Besides pepper-like seasonings you can also add onions and horseradish roots to your meals.

 Use saline spray

If your mucus is very thick and you're having problems with blowing your nose then you should use a nasal saline spray. It will thin the goop and it'll be a lot easier for you to blow your nose.


When it comes to a stuffy nose, please remember that you shouldn't blow your nose too often. Doing that irritates the nose. If you need to blow your nose numerous times a day, please remember to apply some protective cream to your nose, at least a few times a day. That will reduce the irritation. Infants can't blow their noses because they haven't learned how to do this yet. In case of infants use a nasal aspirator. You can use it as many times a day as your child needs it. Bear in mind, however,  that you definitely don't want to end up cleaning your baby's nose every 30 minutes. As you can see, there are many home remedies for stuffy nose.