There are countless notions for how to eliminate warts. Theories and ideas go back decades. There’s always someone who’s had success with different remedies and those who swear by using certain methods.
It certainly needs to be mentioned that I have not tried any of these methods and cannot attest to their effectiveness or safety. I can say that if I had warts I would try some of these methods if only to satisfy my curiosity.

1. Banana peels

The notion here is that the potassium in bananas will help to rid your body of the wart. Simply rub the banana peel on the wart every night before bed and place a band aid on the wart.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

A simple internet search will attest to this methods popularity. There are a few different methods of application though. Some suggest soaking the wart in ACV for about 20 minutes a night. More specific methods involve soaking a cotton ball in ACV and applying it with a band-aid. It’s often mentioned that applying Vaseline to the skin around the wart will protect the skin from the acids in the vinegar.

3. Dandelions

This is a common remedy for warts found online and in texts. Simply apply the milk from the stems of a few dandelion and apply a band aid to hold the milk in place.

4. Duct Tape

People who have tried this say that the glue from the tape will remove the top layer of the wart which will activate the body’s immune system and eliminate the wart naturally. Most applications I have researched suggest leaving the tape on the wart for a day or so, then removing it and adding another small piece immediately. Others report that the tape only needs to be on the skin for a matter of hours (usually six) before it is able to remove a thin layer of the wart.

5. Garlic

From what I’ve read online this is a popular option. And it must work for some people because I can only imagine that walking around smelling like garlic is a last resort, something reserved for methods that actually work. Simply slice a thin layer of garlic and apply it using a bandage overnight. (To a lesser degree I have found similar methods which use onion instead of garlic.)

 6. Various Herbs

There are a number of different herbs sold with the claim that they may be able to rid the body of warts. Some of these can be purchased in liquid form (as an oil) and others require pills to be crushed up and applied to the wart mixed with water. After application just cover with a band aid and repeat as needed. Here is a list of herbs I have found prevalent on websites and in texts that claim to eliminate warts: yellow cedar, bloodroot, castor oil.