Are you suffering from a yeast infection? Have you tried going to a number of doctors but it keeps coming back?  If you’ve tried many treatment options but have yet to find something that really works, this article will point you in the right direction.  There is nothing better than tried and tested home remedies for yeast infections. These solutions have no side effects and will get rid of your problem quickly. Not only that, they will prevent it from coming back again!

Keep Yourself Dry

Yeast infections can be caused by excess moisture and warmth where there is a lack of oxygen.  If you want to avoid such infections or put an end to them, try keeping the infected area dry. Dry it after you’re done bathing, exercise or strenuous activity so there’s no chance of moisture to accumulate. Also, try wearing underwear made of light cotton that allows oxygen and air to pass. Remember; don’t stay in wet clothing for long as this is the leading cause for recurring yeast infections.  It gives the bacteria a place to feed and grow.  So if you’ve just been soaked in the rain or gotten out of the pool, change into dry clothing as soon as you can.

Eat Yogurt!

Another remedy included in the list of home remedies for yeast infections is the use of yogurt. Yogurt has been known to be an excellent cure for yeast infections. This is because it helps in restoring the balance of acid-bacteria in your body. You can either eat large quantities of yogurt or take a spoonful and apply it to your infected area for relief from the infection. The yogurt should be plain with no added flavors.

Keep Clean

The perfect way to avoid infections is to stress good hygiene.  This should be an adopted mindset, a way of life – not just something that is done every so often. Keeping clean and taking care of yourself prevents yeast infections and also improves health.  Although many people may not be aware of this, such infections can be passed between people either sexually or through other physical contact.  Avoid shared baths with your partner or children and try to also refrain from swimming in public pools.

Make it a habit to wash your hands frequently so that they remain germ free. Keep your clothes infection free too by washing them in warm or hot water. If you want to rid bacteria from clothing, add in some white vinegar (a full cup) to your wash tub or machine.  

If your partner has suffered from yeast infections before, make sure that you and your partner wash thoroughly before you make love. The use of condoms also prevents infections from spreading.

Go Natural

If you are a fan of either cranberry juice or garlic, then you are in luck. These two are natural home remedies for yeast infections and are liked by most people. Natural cranberry juice that is free of added sugar and flavors is great at fighting off yeast.

Garlic can be consumed in a number of ways. Its antifungal properties keep not only yeast, but other infections away too. You can either consume it chopped or minced in salads, or use it as paste in different kinds of food.

These tried and tested home remedies for yeast infections are easy and bring quick results. The items mentioned above, such as yogurt and garlic, can be found anywhere. Following these steps even after you have gotten rid of your condition will let you lead a healthy and happy life always!

What are Yeast Infections?