What Are The Options For Treating Head Lice Naturally?

 Lice are small parasites that are mostly found in the head region. They get nourishment through sucking blood from the scalp. These parasites spread very fast from one person to the other through contact. In the past, people would wash their heads with a shampoo containing permethrin or other pesticides. Today, people are using home remedies to get rid of lice.

Treaing head liceCredit: stretcher.com In many places, lice are associated with poor hygiene. However, considering the fact that lice can easily be passed from one person through contact or sharing items such as combs, lice have found their way even to homes that are very keen on cleanliness. If there is lice infestation in your home, you may realize that you and your family members are having intense itching on the head and neck region.

The result is that you will be constantly scratching these areas. Before you begin treating lice with natural solutions, it would be important to confirm that they are actually lice. This will ensure that the problem goes away after undergoing the treatment process. The following are some of the most effective home remedies to get rid of lice.

Some Effective Home Remedies to Try

>>>> Tea tree oil…Tea tree oil is a known insect repellent and has been found to be effective repelling lice. To achieve the best results, add about 20 drops of the oil in warm water and then thoroughly rub it on your scalp. This should be followed by combing the hair using a metallic lice comb. Alternatively, you can about 20 drops of tea tree oil in about 1 cup of olive oil and then use the mixture to massage the scalp. Use a plastic paper to cover the hair and let the mixture of oils remain in the hair for about one hour before rinsing the hair with cold water.

>>>> Tobacco…Tobacco is very effective in repelling parasites and ensuring that they never attack again. To achieve the best results, add one cup of tobacco leaves to four glasses of boiling water. If you do not have tobacco leaves, you can use tobacco from cigarettes. Allow the mixture to brew for several hours and then strain it to remove the solid particles.

After ensuring that the mixture has completely cooled down, pour it on your head and ensure that every part of your hair has soaked in the liquid. Comb the hair thoroughly using metallic lice comb. Allow the liquid to remain in your hair for about 3 hours and then rinse it using cold water. It is important to note that this home remedy is best suited for adults.

>>>> Olive oil and Anise…A combination of olive oil and anise seed oil will prove to be an effective tool in eradicating lice. For better results, take two teaspoons of olive oil and mix it with 1 teaspoonful of anise seed oil. Use the resulting mixture to thoroughly massage your scalp.

Head liceCredit: hubpages.com Comb your hair using metallic lice comb and then rinse the hair with cold water. This procedure should be repeated at least twice every day until such a time that there are no lice left in your hair. This home remedy on how to get rid of lice may take from several days up to a week depending on how bad the infestation was.

>>>> Mayonnaise…Grab a handful of mayonnaise and apply it on the head of the person who has lice infestation. Ensure that every part of the head has been covered and then cover the hair with a plastic shower cap. Allow the shower cap to remain at that point for about three hours and then remove it, dispose it accordingly and then rinse the hair using cold water. Mayonnaise has the capacity to kill lice and also to destroy their eggs.

Other Things To Do

>>>> Clean cloths, beddings and carpets…It is important to note that all your home remedies to get rid of lice efforts will be futile if you only manage to get rid of lice on the head alone. To ensure that you eradicate these parasites completely, you must;

- Clean all the beddings and cloths with hot water.
- Vacuum all carpets and rugs to remove any traces of lice or their eggs.
- Vacuum the car seats, mattresses, car rugs and couch and so on.

It is important to note that lice are also likely to affect your pets and therefore these too must be considered when eradicating lice from home.

If you noticed that your child got lice infestation from school, it would be prudent to inform the school administration so that other children can be checked too. With the right information regarding home remedies to get rid of lice, you will never have a problem with these parasites.