Looking for a Home Remedy for Heartburn? Then check out this soothing homemade natural tea that will help with that awful burning.

1 cup of water

1 teaspoon grated licorice root (health food store)

1 teaspoon chopped fresh ginger (health food store or grocery store)

1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers (health food store)


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In a small pan, boil up the one cup of water, and then add the licorice and ginger. Simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Take off the heat, and add the chamomile. Don't add the chamomile until after you have removed the pan from the heat.

Now cover with a tight fitting lid, and let "brew" for ten minutes, then strain it into a teacup and drink. It tastes very nice, so no worries about adding some horrid tasting concoction to you already burning stomach. This works.

You can also purchase tea bags from the health food store or health section of your grocery store that are for heartburn, but making it yourself is stronger and in my opinion, seems to work quicker. If you keep these ingredients around, it doesn't take too long to make. Make a fresh batch any time you need help for your heartburn.

A another home remedy for heartburn, are some lifestyle changes. You probably know yourself, which foods trigger this for you, but there are other things you can do. There are not any heartburn cures, but there are ways to minimize the symptoms.

If you have to eat on the road, we all know fast food is the quickest way to deal with hunger, and also the time factor. But not only are certain ingredients trigger foods for heartburn and indigestion, but large amounts of food can trigger symptoms even in people who don't normally have problems.

Portion Control

We are super sizing everything these days, and our stomachs just can't handle those large burgers and super sized fries.. First of all we don't need to eat that much at one sitting, but it can also trigger reflux, which in turn can trigger that heated pain of heartburn

So, next time you are at a fast food restaurant, or your local diner, go for the kids meal. This way you can still eat the foods you love, but there is not so much going in your stomach.

With the kids meal, you also get a smaller soda.. Carbonated drinks are famous for heartburn, because of the gas that triggers belching, which can put pressure on the stomach and force the reflux again.

So if you are always needing heartburn treatments, and want a heartburn home remedy, then try the above tea, but also try to avoid these triggers in the first place.

order kids size meals

eat smaller portions, even if you have to eat more often, it is still easier on your stomach, and easier on your waistline.

cut back or cut out soda

gassy carbonated drinks will trigger burping which puts pressure on your stomach, and if it is full of that one pound hamburger and bag of potato fries, then you are going to notice some reflux backup with the belching, and then that burning.

don't talk while eating

- try to relax while eating your meals. Even if you have to eat on the road, and in your car. Park somewhere and turn off the engine and chew your food carefully. It is not a race, take your time. If you can't eat it all in one sitting, don't force it save it for later. If you have someone with you, just quietly eat.

If you start getting into heated discussions, you are more likely to tense and stress and not chew as much and now your food is not digesting well. You shouldn't try and eat when you are really upset either, this will trigger heartburn for sure. Just calm down first. Close your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths and then eat and enjoy.

Walk after eating

- Gentle walking. The worse thing you can do, is lie down after eating a large meal, or any meal for that matter. But the bigger the meal was the worse the heartburn if you go to bed or nap right after eating.

Walk gently around to help with digestion

.Loose clothes

- It is amazing just what your fashion sense can do to your heartburn. If you eat and are wearing tight belts, control top pantyhose, tight waist jeans etc, you are going to have problems with meals refluxing. So, before you eat, loosen off your clothes and get relaxed. This way your body can digest the way it was suppose to without pressure cutting it off around the waist.

Sleep With Head and Shoulders Raised

If you normally sleep flat, and have problems with nighttime indigestion and heartburn, then try raising your head and shoulders to prevent this.

So, the above tips should help occasional bouts of heartburn, and avoiding your trigger foods which for most people are:

tomatoes, onions, ketchup, fried foods, chocolate ice cream, alcohol, citrus juices..

I am sure you know which ones are worse for you, but if you try some of the lifestyle changes, such as smaller portions and not laying down, you may be able to enjoy some of those trigger foods in smaller sizes. Sometimes just changing to kids sized meals, and cutting out carbonated drinks such as sodas, are enough to stop heartburn in its tracks.

So, do some experimenting. As always, you should see a doctor, if it persists but for occasional bouts of heartburn, before you head to the drugstore for pills and quick fixes, try the above tips, and the home remedy for heartburn tea.. That should get you back on your feet and the heated feeling gone. Heartburn should be treated like a warning from your body, that it is not happy with your food choices, or the way you eat your food. So, if you eat large fast food portions, and on the run, this could be the warning your body is giving you. STOP! and slow down!