Sneezed more than two times? Feel a scratchy throat? 

You know the dreaded ‘common cold’ that will stay with you for the next 1-2 weeks is about to start!!

 You run to the nearest drug store to get some medications over-the-counter that look like they can give relief. However, in your heart of hearts you know no amount of antibiotics is going to give you immediate relief from common cold.

Well, it is a known fact that taking a lot of antibiotics will weaken your immunity. More and more people are now becoming aware of this and switching to more natural ways to cure any illness they have. I agree especially for common cold and sore throat since it is something that will take its own course of time and there is nothing that can cure you in a day.

Three of the most effective home remedies that I have personally tried and worked like a charm for me are below. 

# 1 Home Remedy -  Salt Water Gargling:

I rate this as ‘Best’ and most effective way to get ‘instant’ relief from sore throat.

Take a cup of  warm water i.e warm water in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

Add 1 -2 tbsp of salt and mix it with a spoon.

Gargle about 6-7 times.

Do this 2-3 times a day and the instant relief it gives will truly amaze you .

# 2 Home Remedy -  Turmeric Milk :

Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a cup of hot milk.

To add some sweetness, you can use a tsp of sugar or honey.

Add a pinch of crushed cardamom (optional).

 Take this before going to bed.

# 3 Home Remedy -  Lemon and Honey :

I know this a remedy most people use for weight loss but this has always helped with cold as well.

Take a glass of warm water, squeeze ½ lemon and add a tsp of honey.

Take this first thing in the morning.

Not only helps with common cold but improves your immunity and helps the digestive system as well.

Hope you would try these out too. Let me know which works best for you!!