Do you have a really bad wall? Are you trying to decorate, or renovate on a budget, and the bedroom or hallway you are trying to paint is full of dents and bangs and just plain worn out?

Then why not try texture paint? This is amazing stuff and will cover almost any drywall imperfection.

We personally are working on a house renovation, and we hope to rent it to a family when we are finished. I want it to be nice, and therefore we have spent lots of time and money, doing many upgrades to this house. Most rooms had wallpaper, which we painstaking removed.

After wallpaper removal, there were a few nicks and scratches that were easily covered with a bit of drywall spackle and a quick sand, a good primer, and the top coat. Looks great right?. But we had this one room, I don't know who used to use this on little bedroom. It is not big, but they glued cork board to two walls, and had triple layers of drywall and wallpaper on the others!.

We got through the wallpaper layers ok, but this cork tile was already half off, like someone had spent sleepless nights picking at it!. It was originally put on with very strong glue, and as the cork tiles were picked off, the drywall paper came with it!


Texture Paint Covers a Lot of Imperfections

Roll-on Texture Decorative Wall Finish, Smooth, White, 2416
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(price as of Sep 25, 2016)

We had a budget, as we were already replacing the kitchen and bathrooms, and new carpeting in these bedrooms. I want this house to be something I would live in, before I rent it to a family, and I was not about to "just paint over the cork" as some lovely assistant at a paint store suggested to get me out of there.

So, we scraped off as much as we could, and then tried our best to be drywall repair techs, but it didn't work. It ended up looking like one of my cakes, with the lumpy icing!

So, we were down to Plan X, and decided on a tub of texture paint. We hate that look of stucco, and I don't mean to insult anyone, I am sure it may look nice in your house, but the idea of swirling plaster on the wall didn't appeal to me. But after taking a closer look at the product, I chose the "sand grade" one, which gives you a slight rough sand finish.

I decided I didn't want to get all fancy with the designs, the brochure shows people creating texture designs with fancy brushes, and even a large comb, but I decided to go for the roll on look of just plain grit!

Well this product works wonders. The only requirement it has, is that it is put on a wall that has been primed. It is not suppose to go on bare plaster (which is surprising because that is what this stuff looks like anyways!) It goes over small holes, and bumps and dents with ease, as it is a thick product. It doesn't spread far, so make sure you have enough. But when it is dry (allow a good 2 or 3 days) you can just paint over it with any color and a texture roller.

Realistic Faux Wallpaper Works Wonders Too

Blooming Wall Faux Vintage Wood Panel Wood Plank Wallpaper Rolls Wall Paper Wall Murals Home Decoration for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 In*32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft, Dark Gray
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I love this very realistic looking faux wood paneling. Almost like barn wood. This would definitely cover up bad drywall.

Looks Great!

So, I repainted the ceiling and the closet, and now with the sand finished walls, the room looks nice, clean and finished. So, I hope no one spends sleepless nights picking off my textured finish!

Home renovations can bring out the creativity in you, especially if you are on a budget. We simply could not afford to re-drywall this room. It looks like after lots of wallpaper and an attempt at removal at some other time, another layer of drywall was put on top instead. My daughter (my resident electrician) noticed this when she was upgrading the outlets, that there were two layers of drywall. We took a peek at one corner, and figured they had covered up a really bad wallpapered wall that was all pitted.

We needed to stick to the budget, and for the cost of 30 dollars for a bucket (it comes in large tubs as you need more than regular paint) this was well worth it to repair a bad wall.

So, if you are trying to stick to a budget in your home renovation or simply trying to decorate a room on the cheap, give this stuff a try, it is in most paint stores now, and it simply called "texture paint". It comes in different textures, such as the old standby thick stucco, down to the sand grade like mine.

Texture Paint or Faux Wallpaper Are Quick Ways

If your budget is stretched, then replacing drywall well put you over.  I had just taken old layers of wallpaper down, so didn't want to use more, for me the texture paint was the best, but as I am looking at some of these very realistic faux papers, I am amazed at just what you can do with a bad wall.   

You can have everything from fake brick to fake wood.  These are photographs on the paper so it is very realistic and a very quick way to cover up a bad wall!

Wallpaper Faux Rust Tuscan Brick Wall, Looks Real Up!
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(price as of Sep 25, 2016)