In certain areas, people like to think of themselves as DIYers, or do-it-yourselfers: people who choose to do things by themselves. When home repairs are concerned, however, there comes a point when you need to stop what you’re doing and let a professional take over. Don’t be too affected if you need to ask for help; you might look at home repair as the Kryptonite to your superhero. Ask yourself the following questions to know when you should do the job yourself, or you should concede and call in an expert to do it.

Do you know how to repair it?
Be sure to know how to go about fixing something before trying to do so. If not, you might only make things worse than before, and will have to endure a knowing look from the repair guy. If for example, you only get yourself electrocuted in your effort to fix the circuit breaker, then this would only mean that you’re not very capable in accomplishing the job.

Would hiring a service man cost a lot?
These days, the prices for practically everything is rising, which is probably why a lot of people would prefer to do their own house repair needs, or forget about them altogether. If you do have the skills for them and can do them yourself to save money, then you get a pat on the back for your resourcefulness. On the other hand, if you are procrastinating because you want to read more about it so you can do it yourself, that might lead to further damage and higher costs than you would have gotten if a specialist was called beforehand.

Is there value in fixing it?
If your equipment has reached the end of its life, as all appliances do sooner or later, then you or a service guy can’t really do anything to extend its use. Simply put, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you just replace something really broken than to attempt to mend it.

How hazardous is the job?
Most home repair jobs do have a certain degree of danger, some being more risky than others. You might be better off asking a certified expert with the proper skills and equipment to do the job if it is anything like holding something that sparks or climbing up the roof or somewhere really high.

Remember, unless you actually know how to DIY, then your DIYing skills can only go so far. You probably should keep the phone book near at all times, unless you have no problem living somewhere where duct tape is the solution to a broken appliance, and your method of fixing a broken pipe is hitting it and swearing.