We may try to go the extra mile in our houses in an attempt to keep children from getting hurt, but there are times when accidents cannot be avoided. These misfortunes can range from minor injuries to accidental death, as scary as this sounds. Whether you have kids of your own or friends who have children often come over, you can easily childproof your home with these tips.

Different areas of your home
-    When your wall sockets are not being used, remember to cover them up with electric socket covers.
-    Keep your furniture securely against the wall with brackets or anchors so that they won’t fall over if children climb onto or bump into them.
-    One of the things that children enjoy doing while playing is climbing on things, and if tables and chairs are located below windows, they can accidentally fall out, keep furniture away from these areas.
-    Safety gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs in a two-story home can effectively prevent children from climbing up and down the steps.
-    If your blinds have looped cords, make sure that you replace them because if children trip and fall in them, they can get strangled.

Kitchen area
-    Toxic chemicals like household cleaning products should be stored in cabinets at all times. In addition, if the cabinets storing said chemicals as well as breakables are located near the floor, they should be equipped with safety latches.
-    If you are cooking on the stove, always use the back burners and make sure that the handles of the pots are turned to the wall. This way, children won’t see them and be tempted to pull them down.
-    Any kitchen appliance or utensil should be placed in the middle area of the kitchen counter or table; if they are close to the edge, they can fall on the children.

Bathroom area
-    Do not leave a pail of water in the bathroom when young children are in the house; it would be better to empty it or to just keep the bathroom door closed. Reports have indicated that children can accidentally drown in even an inch of water.
-    Children and adults alike can get electrocuted by hair dryers, curling irons and similar devices if they are left lying around and they fall in a puddle of water, so don’t forget to store them after use.
-    Safety latches should be installed to cabinets in the bathroom that hold cleaning products. Take extra caution even if the medicine cabinet is up high by putting a lock on it, too; it contains products that can be toxic if accidentally ingested such as prescriptions and ointments.

Even if parents try to keep a careful watch over their children, they still can’t prevent them from getting injured by accident, especially when they are at the age where they learn by exploring. Don’t hamper your children’s desire to discover; you can keep them safe at home as long as you apply these precautions.