As with any educational option there are some home schooling disadvantages. Parents who are thinking about homeschooling are smart to look into the pros and cons. Whether they send their child to public school, private school or homeschool, they need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of all options before they can make an informed decision.

Here are some concerns about homeschooling that many people consider disadvantages:

1. Possible criticism from others - If the people around you do not know many successful homeschoolers, they might try to discourage you from homeschooling. Even after you start homeschooling, you might still get plenty of flack from the people you come in contact with about how they disagree with your decision. The bottom line is that the parents are the only ones that will have to answer for the decisions they make in regards to the educational choices they make for their children. Luckily, we don't have to answer for anyone else's children except our own. Many times other people try to tell us what we should do with our children, when, in fact, they can offer their opinion and leave the final decision up to the parent.

2. Fear of not teaching enough material or teaching too much - Parents can easily second guess themselves about their choices of curriculum and their daily homeschool schedule. If parents pray about what they should be doing and know that they are giving their children the educational option that is best for them, then God can guide them and help them realize that their fears are not based on anything.

3. Varsity sports not available - In most states, students who are homeschooled for High School are not allowed to participate in varsity sports at the local public school. This only matters for grades 9-12, so younger students don't have to worry about this since they can participate in community sports at any time.

4. Housework can sometimes be more challenging - When one parent devotes their time to teaching the children, there is often not as much time for that parent to also keep the house clean. With everyone being home all the time, messes tend to happen more often. In this case, parents need to require their children to clean up after themselves and contribute more to the main household chores, then all the burden is not on the parent anymore. Working around the house is good character training and gives children a better sense of reality and preparation for adult life.

Although there may be some home schooling disadvantages, if the parent knows that they are supposed to homeschool their child, then they can work through any disadvantage. Let's face it, there are disadvantages to being a parent and we still choose to have children anyways.