As a mother of four, one of my biggest obstacles was trying to find affordable, yet good quality education. Private schooling was out of reach and although, there are many good public or government schools, the teacher / learner ratio was a major deterrent. It soon became clear that home schooling would be a wise and feasible choice and last year, my eldest son and I began our home schooling journey.

Home schooling is not a one-size fits all match, before opting to go this route, several factors need to be considered. The lack of interaction or the lack of social events often deters many families from choosing to home school, however, many home schooling organizations in South Africa, often arrange camps or get togethers where home schoolers can meet and interact with their peers. The benefits of home schooling are immense, not only are parents given the chance to become actively involved in their children's schooling, but at the same time, they will instantly be able to learn more about their child and spend quality time, learning and growing with their child. As with all ventures, commitment and dedication is a must, and before the decision is made to home school, parents need to determine if they and their child have these qualities. The immense power of the internet has allowed thousands of people to successfully home school their children, while at the same time, combine education with generating an income. Several families around the country have experienced the benefits of home schooling and if you are at a cross-roads - or uncertain as to which route to take, explore the advantages of home schooling and discover the potential of your child.

There are many affordable home schooling packages, and like traditional schools, the programs or courses which are provided for the home schooled family are structured. Those who are not familiar with home schooling, may believe that taking on the education of a child is a risky gamble, however, with structured programs to follow, home schooling becomes a way of life. Since I have only opted to home school one of my children, I have made certain that home schooling and traditional schooling follow the same times, as such it has not interfered with the school holidays. However, home schooling is a flexible approach to education and not only will it give children the chance to develop to their full potential and work at their own pace. My son, like many other South African learners found it difficult to cope in a mainstream school but when he was given the opportunity to work in a more controlled environment, with the support and guidance of a parent, his attitude towards learning changed.