Home Security Advice to Help You Protect Those Whom You Hold Dearest

The home security advice, in this article, is offered to help you to protect the people you love and your possessions, the ones you have worked so hard to get. Most alarm systems are not foolproof, and neither is this home security advice. All we hope to do, with this home security advice, is to make breaking into your house very difficult, and not worth the effort. Applying the home security advice, in this article, will take your house off the ‘easy list,’ and make a burglar looking for a quick and easy job move on to another house.

Not everyone has an alarm system, or surveillance cameras, to protect their family and their possessions. In this bad economy, even those families with alarm systems have been forced to discontinue their service and the monitoring of their systems. So, there are many people who need home security advice, to help them secure their families’ well-being and to protect their assets.

(1)  Let’s look outside your house to see what others, perhaps, a burglar, can see. Are your window blinds all closed tight, as if no one is in the house? Or, are all curtains and blinds completely open, allowing everyone to see everything that’s in your house?

Home Security Advice

I have aluminum venetian blinds, throughout my house, and I discovered a unique way to fix my blinds so that I can have privacy, yet let in lots of light. I keep them this way whether I am there or gone. In other words, my house looks the same whether I am there or not.

Home Security Advice:  

Here’s my trick:  open the aluminum blinds fully. Starting at the bottom of the blinds, and using the tops of your fingers, gently run your fingers up the blinds, closing them. Some of my windows I close only the bottom half, and some I close three quarters of the way up. I make my decision on how far to close the slats based on someone being able to see inside. After all, you do not want anyone to be able to look in, and spot something they would like to steal. Or, for them to be able to see if anyone is there. Set your aluminum blinds the way you want them, and then go outside to see what someone else can see. Remember to take into consideration the height of others.

Home Security Advice – Blind Closing TechniqueCredit: Southerngirl09

Home Security Advice – Window Blinds With Bottom Half ClosedCredit: Southerngirl09

Home Security Advice

For my second floor windows, I close the bottom half, and that keeps my upstairs rooms private, while allowing in lots of light. To close your blinds, simply turn the wand to close them completely, and then, they can be opened again.

(2)  While outside, another thing you will want to check are your shrubs. How big are they? Are they large enough for someone to hide behind?

Home Security Advice

For your safety, and the safety of your family members, it is a good idea to trim these shrubs so no one can use them as a hiding place. Large shrubs can offer shelter to a burglar, allowing them to open a window, without being seen, or to confront you when you approach the dwelling.

(3)  You have been gone for several days, and there are papers on the steps, or in the driveway, mail in your mailbox, and the garbage can has been left at the street. Would someone assume that you are not there?

Home Security Advice

Yes, since all signs indicate that no one has been going in or out of the dwelling. First, call your newspaper service, and put your subscription on hold for the time you will be away. This will not only stop papers from being delivered, but you can usually get a credit for the days you will not be receiving the paper. (Saving money!)

Home Security Advice

Next, go online, and place your mail on hold while you are away. You can either pick up all your mail when you return, or they will deliver it to you on the date you specified on the request.

Home Security Advice

Ask a neighbor to bring in your trashcan; after all, you would want to do the same for them. When you talk to your neighbor, ask them to keep a watch out for your house while you are away, and make sure they have your cell number, just in case they want to contact you. And if you are going to be gone for an extended period, ask them to park a car in your driveway, occasionally, so things will look different at your place.

(4) Walk outside at night. Is it dark all around your house? Can someone approach your house without being seen?

Home Security Advice

This is an easy fix! Turn on lights; this is one of the best ways to deter burglars. Spending a little extra on electricity may prevent a burglary, and save you much heartache. Residential outdoor lighting is fairly inexpensive. Assess what you will need, go online to order it, or visit a Lowe’s to get the supplies you will need. If you need electrical hookups, that are not just a simple plug in style, be sure to hire a certified electrician to do the job. At my house, I use several dusk to dawn lights outside, and I also have a couple motion detector lights. It is important to turn on the same lights every night, that way anyone observing your home won’t see a change in pattern.

(5)  Next, let’s go to your front door. Do your have sidelites beside your door? Do you have them covered, or can everyone see inside your house?

Home Security Advice – Privacy Window Film on Door SidelitesCredit: Southerngirl09

Home Security Advice

Our current residence has half sidelites on both sides of our front door. Anyone who walked up to our door, could have seen inside our house. To fix this problem, I placed a decorative window film over these sidelites, to protect our privacy.





(6)  How good is your front door lock? Does it offer the protection you need?

Home Security Advice – Install Better Door LocksCredit: Southerngirl09

Home Security Advice

If you feel that your current door lock is inadequate, then you might want to change it. There are many different styles and types of door locks for you to choose from. Schlage door locks offers a large selection of door locks:  single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts, keypad deadbolts, and wireless keypad deadbolts. Changing door locks is an easy do-it-yourself project. And check out those side and back door locks, too.

In Closing

The home security advice offered in this article, are simple fixes that may prevent having your residence broken into. While you may need to spend a little money, upfront, to apply this home security advice, over the long run, it maybe a whole lot less expensive than a break-in. After all, loss of your property is one thing, but the loss of your ‘sense of sanctuary,’ that you feel in your house, is not readily replaced. More home security advice:  add inside lights as well; consider adding a combination of dusk to dawn and motion detector lights inside your residence.