There are many reasons why a family home should employ some form of security protection. Crime rates have never been so high with house breaking and entering being one of the most common forms of burglary. This also applies to business premises where existing security is poor. So what can you do to protect your home and your family from intruders without spending a small fortune on turning your house into FortKnox?

There are many levels of home security systems ranging from the simplest to the most complex and high tech. There are also monitored home security companies that will watch your home for you, but this can come with a hefty price tag and on-going expenses.

The simplest way to protect your home is with sturdy locks fitted to doors and windows. These will deter casual house breakers who are looking for an easy touch. They will not stop the more determined thieves who can generally negotiate most locks with sickening ease. The next step is a home alarm system that also acts as a visual deterrent to casual burglars and will send would-be intruders packing should they trip the system whilst trying to force a door or window.

But a more reliable and secure measure is to install one of the many home security camera systems that are available from most reputable home security companies at prices that are affordable. These residential security systems come in a variety of set ups.

They start with simple systems incorporating a single camera which is hooked up to a TV and VCR for recording the area at a very slow frame rate. There are wireless versions of this which do basically the same job without needing to install wires to hook all the equipment up.

There are wireless home security camera systems that hook up to home computers or dedicated monitors and DVR systems which record all activity digitally for better image reproduction and resolution. These residential security systems can also incorporate infra-red movement detectors, window breakage sensors or lock breach sensors to further enhance their effectiveness.

At the top of the range are the multiple camera systems with DVR recording, computer hook up and the capability to alert the user via their cell phone if any untoward movement or activity is detected on their property while they are away. This last type of home security system also allows the user to connect to the home system via an Internet enabled laptop computer for true remote surveillance of their own property while they are sitting in a waiting room for an appointment for example. Should they notice anything suspicious, they can call the police or a security company and have their home checked out.

The beauty of this kind of security monitoring system is that should the worst happen and intruders do break into your home whilst you're away, their features will be recorded digitally and make them much easier to bring to bear later with detailed visual evidence of their guilt. This is one of the main aspects of this type of home security device that acts as the best deterrent of all, as no thief wants to be so easily identified that they can later be rounded up and sent to prison.

So when you next think of either installing or upgrading a home security system, choose your options carefully. Put yourself in a potential intruder's shoes and see where your home's vulnerabilities lie and act to secure them with the best system that you can afford.