The basic equipment used for a home security system can be easily recognized. However, with out things like locks and keys, timing devices and alarms, we are not doing much to protect our home from being burglarized. There are several things all home security systems require:

- All points of entrance need to have steel reinforced doors. This includes the door that connects the garage to the home. These doors should have a four-screw, heavy duty and high security strike plate attached to stop the strongest burglar form kicking in the door. Use deadbolts of type one or type two because they are extremely difficult to pick.

- Place "Charley" bars on any sliding glass doors or patio doors. A "Charley" is the only way to stop thieves from making a sliding glass door come out of its tracks. It also provides the next best thin to a dead bolt for these doors as they tend to come with second-rate locks.

- Many homeowners fail to see the importance of locking windows. Many homeowners ask, "Why do I need to lock a window upstairs?" Thieves tend to use the knowledge that homeowners overlook this and use the homeowner's ladder, or a neighbor's ladder, to get into the home through an unlocked upstairs window. (This is the prime reason all ladders should be secured to a building, using a bicycle lock or chain with padlock, in a prone position.) The thought of a burglar getting in through a window is why all windows in a home should have strong, working locks, and should be locked and closed whenever the homeowner is away.

- According to many convicted burglars, lighting is the strongest part of any home security system that deters a potential thief. Even accessible entryways can be protected by removing "cover" in the night using a motion activated light. However, it is important for the homeowner to know that these lights can be disabled by a good burglar who "cases" the home a day or two prior to the crime. To prevent this from happening, all wiring and power connections for the motion sensors and lights need to be inaccessible and out of reach to any potential criminals.

- There is a wide variety of affordable equipment and plans on today's market that, even though home security systems may not be on every homeowner's list of basic equipment, a 24-hour monitoring system should be considered. Many criminals have admitted that the window plaques and lawn signs provided by home security system providers have scared them away from even the nicest target. The benefit of immediate access to assistance and police notification is included as part of both the comprehensive coverage plans and the basic coverage plans, and is the largest motivator for installing a home security system.

A family or individual can be sure that they are safe and secure by taking the time to evaluate the home for security needs and putting a plan into place for the installment of as much basic Home Security Equipment as possible.