by Shannon Walker

For most (if not all) people, protecting their homes, families and personal belongings from dangers (such as fire, flood, theft and other inevitable perils) is the number one priority. This is the reason why most home owners benefit of different home security system packages.

Electronic Security System Sign

Home security systems basically protect homes from theft, trespassing and other dangers. In addition, these security systems give out flood and fire warnings so authorities like the police, fire stations and hospitals can respond immediately.

 There are a lot of different types of home security systems and some of them will be discussed in the next section.

Types of Home Security Systems

Monitored Systems

The first type of home security system is the monitored system. In this system, a central monitoring office will be alerted, through telephone lines, in the event that the alarm has been activated. Staff from the monitoring office will then contact the home owner to check the situation. They will also be responsible for contacting the police or whatever support authority that may be needed.

A possible drawback from this system is that phone lines can easily be cut off by cunning burglars and the central monitoring office will never be alerted. It is recommended, for those who use this system, to have a cellular phone or radio back up in the event that phone lines were cut off.

Unmonitored Systems

The second type is the unmonitored system. For this system, a very loud siren or alarm will sound both inside and outside the house in the event of intrusion. The task of calling for help from the police will then be upon the neighbors and home owners.

A clear advantage of this system is not paying for monitoring fees. Another advantage is that thieves will easily be distracted because of the loud siren which may cause them to abandon their plans altogether.

Wireless Systems

AAS-V700 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIYThe next type of home security system is the wireless system. This system is widely available in local hardware stores and even on the internet. Usually, this type is battery operated and connected to various devices like cameras, motion detectors, sensors and smoke detectors. A clear advantage of this system is the ease of installation.

Hard-Wired Systems

Another type is the hard-wired system. From the name itself, this system uses wires to connect detecting devices to a central control system. It is most commonly powered by the home electrical wiring system.

Hard-wired system is preferred because of its greater reliability compared with the wireless counterpart. More often than not, it is installed by professional home security contractors, which provides warranty and maintenance support.

8CH Network Security Surveillance DVR 500GB 8 CCD Cameras KITThere are also some “smaller” types of home security devices, which include panic buttons, stress sensors and glass break sensors. These devices are available in local shops and on the internet.

These home security systems are just few of the many kinds of home security systems available in the market. Choosing what kind of home security system to purchase will depend solely on what the home owners think is convenient, reliable and suitable to protect their homes and family from different dangers.