While completing the home security systems reviews and looking at the latest home security camera systems and other systems to try to choose the best home security program my mind kept wandering back to my experiences as a police detective. I spent many years investigating home burglaries and prosecuting offenders when we were able to apprehend them.

When asked for my personal opinion on the best methods for home security and dealing with burglars I would always advise, "Never, ever catch a thief".

After the shock wore off the face of the person asking the question I would go on to explain what I meant. If your home or business is broken into and you have an active, effective police force in your community, one or more evidence technicians will arrive. This will cause several problems.

First you will have to make time to be there for the appointment and second they will search for fingerprints and other evidence. You cannot imagine the aftermath of a dedicated evidence tech armed with an unlimited quantity of black fingerprint powder. The powder is composed of graphite and other substances that work very well for exposing hidden fingerprints but as you will shortly discover it is nasty stuff to clean up.

Catching The thief Is Just The Beginning Of Your Troubles

If the police are successful and they apprehend the thief and hopefully recover your property, a number of unpleasant events will take place. You will need to take time to go to the police station to identify your property which in many cases will not be returned to you at that time because it is needed as evidence for a possible trial.

At this point you have spent time at your residence or business while evidence was collected and then cleaned up the resulting mess. Now you have devoted more time traveling to the local police station to identify your property and you may have hope at this point that justice will be served and the offender will receive his or her just desserts.

First a preliminary exam will take place in a local district court and you will most likely have to be there. You may find after waiting several hours for your case to be called that for any number of reasons the exam has been postponed. This can happen several more times each time requiring your attendance.

If the judge finally decides there is sufficient merit to the case it will be bound over for trial in a higher county court usually some distance from your home. Again your presence is required and any number of delays are possible again. Many times a defense attorney will cause these delays in the hopes that the person bringing the complaint, that's you,  will finally get disgusted and drop the charges.

In many jurisdictions a plea bargain will be sought by the prosecutor because of a backlog of cases or any number of other reasons that the court or prosecutor will not want to be burdened with a trial.

In many of these cases the defendant is let off with probation and rarely is any restitution for damages made. You will quickly began to realize that justice in real life is not as swift and final as it appears to be in those hour long "cops and robber" TV shows.

Do Whatever Is Necessary To Prevent Enytry

The point of all this is to suggest that when you are doing your own home security systems reviews you should keep in mind that the best systems are those that prevent the crime from taking place. In other words do your best to prevent forced entry.

Look at systems that offer the best home security. In other words anything that will keep the thief from gaining entrance. This is not always possible and when a forced entry occurs the best systems are those that will help to identify the offender such as a home security camera. When the police have visual evidence they may not be as anxious to paint your home with black powder.

There are a number of systems that will stop a thief especially if he has not had much experience. Listed below are a few of the best home security products available today.
Skylink SC-100W Security SystemCredit: Amazon
One of the most effective and least costly would be a good burglar alarm or as they are sometimes called a security alarm. Unless you are in a very remote area the sound of these alarms shouAAS-V100 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Pet Immune DIYCredit: Amazonld alert your neighbors and cause the would be thief to move on before doing any damage.

If your budget allows you may choose an alarm monitoring system that will not only sound an alarm but in most cases will also cause an alarm company to dispatch a security guard to  your home or contact the local police.

Home security cameras have been very effective at preventing break ins or if the thief does gain entrance can help to quickly help the authorities to apprehend the culprit. However a home security camera can help in other ways.

With the modern systems you can actually view your property on a computer while away.  This can offer much peace of mind while you are vacationing or away for a weekend.

VideoSecu Day Night Vision CCTV Home Security CameraCredit: AmazonOutdoor security cameras can also be used to keep watch on backyard swimming pools or to watch over children or pets in the yard. Of course indoor cameras have found use for a number of use to keep watch on infants as they sleep or play in their cribs. 

A good deal of thought should be devoted to the placement of any security cameras so they cannot be easily disabled by a would be thief.

Use Care When Making Your Final Choices

Choosing the best home security can only be accomplished after you have completed a good series of home security systems reviews. One of the easiest ways to accomplish your home security system reviews is by spending time on line at Amazon. There you will find a handy listing of all the most up to systems in most cases with good discount prices. An added advantage are all the customer reviews that will alert you to any problems with various systems and also offer some handy tips on the methods they have used to provide safe home security.