Selling your home is not as easy as it may seem. Most people have to start slowly, letting go of their emotions and attachments to the home. They must come to an understanding that the house is no longer theirs, and picture themselves handing over the keys to the buyers and walking away. Sellers should make sure to take the time to "let go" of the home. Things to consider for this may be removing personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers generally can't see past personal artifacts, and they should not be distracted, instead they should be imagining their own photographs on the walls.

Next you should clean up and remove clutter. Starting by removing books from bookshelves, packing up knickknacks, minimizing appliances in the kitchen and bathroom areas by packing them in boxes and putting them under the counter. You should rearrange all closets and cabinets in the home. Most buyers love to snoop. Alphabetize spices, places coffee cup handles facing the same direction, stack dishes nicely. Make sure to fold towels neatly, arrange medicine cabinets, clean out bathroom drawers and keep them containing only the essentials you need for yourself daily. Clean out bedroom closets, facing shirts all the same way and button them, organize shoes and purses.

A great choice would be to rent a storage unit. This can help with your own moving experience and remove clutter from the home for sell. Make sure there is nothing in your home that you think a buyer would ask to keep. If a buyer wants to keep something, such as a pool table or swimming pool and you tell them that isn't a part of the offer, they might covet it and that may blow the deal. Keep only enough furniture in the home to showcase it. Take out extra leaves in kitchen tables, and empty bookshelves. Imagine how you would want the home to look if you were a buyer, and make that happen.

Making small repairs can help the appeal of the home. Fix cracks in the floors or counter tops, replace burned out light bulbs, and broken door knobs. Fix that leaky faucet of yours and any holes that may be in the walls, consider a new paint job on the entire home. Do a thorough cleaning from the inside out and make it shine. Clean windows, carpets, counters, and base boards. Make sure the oven is shinny and the cob webs are gone. Don't forget about the toilets, bathtubs and sinks. Mow the lawn and clear the sidewalk, paint the window trim and hide the water hose. Stand out in front of the home, and ask yourself if you would want to enter this home looking at it from the outside.

The most important thing to remember is that sometimes it takes time to sell a home. Patience is a virtue and you must stay strong during this process and try not to get worried. Someone will come along that will love the home, even if it does take some time.