So What's The Deal With Home Shopping Catalogs?

Home shopping credit catalogs, once something only people who have bad credit and could not get a credit card used to use, is now something that has flooded the mainstream American and European shopping scene.  Today, everybody uses home shopping credit catalogs.  Whether it is   from stores like Spiegel, Montgomery Ward, Sears or Fingerhut, credit catalog shopping is now mainstream.

With the popularity of the Internet, these home shopping catalogs are now available online and even if you do not have a credit card, you can still get use sites like PayPal as a buy now pay later credit source, but with PayPal you will have to use the online version of the catalog because PayPal is not usually available with paper home shopping catalogs.  However, even though a great deal of people shop online using their tablets, iPhones, or other electronic gadgets, there is still a cult following of people who use home shopping catalogs.  


So Even With Internet Sites Why Do People Still Like To Shop From A Catalog?

There is just something about flipping through the pages of a home shopping catalog.  It is a feeling you don't get from sitting in front of a computer screen or even sitting in front of a television screen.  While most at home shoppers love both those shopping experiences, once in a while, shoppers take great pleasure in just sitting down with a cup of coffee, a pen or pencil and a giant home shopping catalog and making good shopping choices. There will always be a place for people who like to shop using the home shopping catalog experience.  It is similar to the magazine or newspaper experience. Even though you like to watch the news online or on television, there is something still very nostalgic about reading a plain old regular newspaper while sipping on your favorite beverage. As stated above, it is not the preferred way to shop these days, but home shopping catalogs still have a strong cult following.


What Are Ten Top Home Shopping Catalogs?

There are so many home shopping catalogs that they are hard to count.  However, there are a few here in the U.S. that are more widely known. These catalogs have a variety of items for sale and they are trusted brands.  However, you must keep in mind that with any kind of shopping, whether online or through a paper home shopping catalog, always take great caution to protect yourself from all kinds of fraud and theft, including identity theft.  If the chief justice, John Roberts can be a victim of identity theft, then it can happen to you too.  Shop carefully.

  1.  Montgomery Ward
  2. Spiegel
  3. Finger Hut
  4. Ginny's
  5. Carol Wrights Gifts
  6. Gettington 
  7. Seventh Avenue
  8. Midnight velvet
  9. Swiss Colony
  10. Mason EasyPay


Do I Have To Pay To Get Home Shopping Catalogs?

No, you should not have to pay to get home shopping catalogs delivered to you.  Even though there is a great deal of expense involved in producing them, usually getting one sent to you should cost you nothing.  Many home shopping catalog companies may not continue to send you home shopping catalogs if you don't order anything, however, they will send  a catalog free if you request it. If for some reason, you encounter a catalog company that asks you to pay to receive a copy of its catalog, you should know that this is not normal practice and it may be better to shop on their Internet site in website instead.


Do I Have To Have A Credit Card To Use Home Shopping Catalogs?

You will need some type of credit.  However, it does not need to be in the form of a credit card. Many of the catalogs have their own "buy now pay later" plans that you can apply for.  If you are using the paper catalog, it is much easier to get credit through certain catalogs sometimes without even a credit check. If you find the items you want in the home shopping catalog, you can often find those same items online through different stores or even the online store version of that particular home shopping catalog and use PayPal deferred billing or their own deffered billing programs.  Often through shopping catalogs, whether in paper form or online, the credit guidelines are much more relaxed.  It still remains easiest to get instant credit through the paper catalog versions.

To build your credit and to keep yourself for over spending, you can get a debit card used only for shopping.  You have to make sure you have the money pre-loaded but this is a good way to shop with convenience without spending money you don't have.  With a credit card or even the instant credit often given by most of these home shopping catalog companies, it is easy to buy much more than you need and then find yourself in an awful place when you find you don't have the money to pay back the items you have charged.  Using a debit card to purchase your items in catalogs and online solves many problems and also prevents many problems, especially credit problems.


What Kind Of Things Can I Buy In a Home Shopping Catalog?

You can buy all kinds of things through home shopping catalogs.  They are so much fun to shop from and they can get addictive, which is why you should have a pre set amount of dollars monthly that you are going to shop with and don't go over that amount. You can buy the latest clothing no matter what your taste, the latest electronic gadget, the latest home furnishings, you can even get retro items for practically any era in history from home shopping catalogs.  Pretty much whatever you can get from a high end mall or even a low discount shopping center like Walmart, you can get from a catalog. There are so many choices, it's really up to you what you want. Just remember to use the same cautions while shopping via shop at home catalogs that you would if you were shopping online.


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