Skin tags bother a lot of people. Nobody wants to put up with a skin tag because they find it annoying. It turns out to be a hard thing to tackle when it comes up on places that are not covered by the clothes you are wearing, for instance, neck, arm, etc. If it is in places that are covered with clothes such that the skin tag comes in contact with the clothes all the time, it becomes burdensome. Unfortunately, for most of the people, skin tags don't disappear so easily and demands immediate treatment. But how can we get rid of skin tags effectively? What is the solution?

To overcome this problem and get a flawless skin, make use of the tips given here. Following is the complete guide that you have to follow, in case any of you are affected by skin tag. Do not be apprehensive about spending too much money to solve this issue because the guidelines given here can be followed perfectly at home without emptying your wallets. First of all, it is important to ensure that the mark on your skin that you want to get rid of is definitely a skin tag. Sometimes, people misinterpret normal marks to be skin tags, and eventually, the removing process becomes really hard.

How to get rid of skin tags?

You can identify skin tags with certain characteristics: firstly, they do not grow too fast. They grow only up to 1.3 centimeters only. Secondly, its color is slightly different from your skin color and it looks like it has been fastened to another piece of skin. The steps given below are useful for skin tag removal:

1. The first procedure is pretty simple and all that it requires are certain basic equipments that would be available in most of your houses. Thread and nail cutter or scissors should be used for this treatment. First, use a piece of thread to tie the skin tag at its base tightly. Next, cut the part of skin tag that lies above the tied thread with scissors or nail cutter. It is essential to clean the scissors or nail cutter with alcohol, because alcohol would sanitize the object.

2. This alternative treatment is less painful when compared to the first and is also pretty much reliable and faster when compared to the first method. As mentioned in the previous method, for this method also, you might need some of the home based ingredients like baking soda and castor oil. To remove the skin tags, make a very smooth paste using baking soda and castor oil. Mix and stir the ingredients very well to get a smooth and thick paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag for nearly four times every day. The skin tags will disappear leaving no mark on the skin in just two weeks.

3. In case you are not completely fine in treating yourself with such home based remedies, then, the best thing to do is visit a doctor as soon as possible. With no apprehensions to spend your money, you are sure to get rid of the skin tags by taking in a few prescribed antibiotics.

To be free from skin tags, the self treatments mentioned above have proven to be effective and do not involve any medication. A high recommended guide for skin tag removal is Moles, Warts and Skin Tag Removal.