Simple Home Staging to Get Your Home Off of the Market Quicker

The Basics of Home Staging

Home staging is an important part of the home selling process. Staging your home helps make your home more appealing by giving potential buyers a great first impression of your home. Effective home staging is one of the key factors to attracting bids for your home and getting your home off of the market quicker.


Home DecorationsCredit: Aine D (on Flickr

What is Home Staging

In the real estate world home staging is the practice of strategically decorating your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The purpose of home staging isn't to pour a lot of money into a home that you're just going to sell anyway. Your goal is to put enough equity back into your home to justify the asking price and to create a universally aesthetically pleasing environment for potential buyers.


First Things First

Before beginning the home staging process you should do a little planning. The most important factor in preparing your home staging strategy is to set a budget. Your budget will help determine what changes and upgrades you can make while staging your home for resale. Sellers with larger budgets can make allowances for major appliance upgrades while sellers with smaller budgets must rely on inexpensive fixes to make their home more appealing to buyers. One of the most important principles in this process is to get great results without spending a lot of money. At the very least every budget should include a couple buckets of neutral color paint.

RepairCredit: zzpza (on Flickr)

Replace and Repair

A general rule of thumb is to start with the biggest, most labor intensive tasks first. Any interior painting that needs to be done should be done at this time. Obviously floor work, or things that require some sort of installation process should be taken care of first. Next you should take care of smaller repairs that need to be done, such as replacing outdated light fixtures, repairing cracks or holes in the walls, and mending rickety furniture. Any needed electrical repairs should also be taken care of at this time.


Clean and Declutter

The cleaning and declutter phase, is perhaps the most tedious. To start the cleaning process you should start at your home's main entrance and go from room to room, cleaning from top to bottom, leaving no area untouched. Pay special attention to areas that often go neglected. Keep in mind that many over looked items in your home are beacons for dust such  ceiling fan blades, high hanging wall art, and electrical equipment. Pay attention to every nook and cranny; potential home buyers tend to notice is even minute details. 

As you begin to declutter your space keep in mind that the purpose of each particular room. Survey the furniture and odds and ends in each room and evaluate each item. Decide if an item has a clearly defined purpose in the room that it is in. The items in a room should help define the room's purpose. Determine which things are essential and which things are unnecessary; remove the unnecessary items.


Set the Stage

As you begin staging remember that each room in your home should have a clearly defined purpose.  Spare bedrooms that once served multiple purposes should be converted to a single purpose room (i.e. a bedroom or an office, not both.) Highlight each room's best features. Go for the minimal amount of furniture required to make a room functional. Make sure that furniture placement doesn't obstruct key features of a room such as a window. If a fireplace is a feature of a room arrange the furniture so that it becomes the focal point.

Don't Neglect the Exterior

Lastly don't neglect your home's exterior. Curb appeal is perhaps one of the biggest factors in luring potential buyers to your home. Chipping paint is a turn off to home buyers so a fresh coat of paint is essential. the yard should be freshly cut and neatly manicured. The outside of your home should feature seasonal plants. A house that looks good on the outside will certainly attract would be buyers.

Staging your home for resale is sure-fire way to make the best impression on potential buyers. Utilizing one of the many resources available  will help you get your home off of the market in no time!