Although the speaker and other components you choose are probably the most important part of the design process for your home theater, you haven’t really finished the room until you consider and decide upon home theater decor.

Are you going to have a homey living room feel? Or a sleek, modern, minimalist look?

Or will you go all out and make a true movie theater-style environment for you and your family and friends to indulge in?

As with every other room in your house, it can be great fun to design the decor for your home theater.

If you’re unsure what you’d like it to look like, browse magazines and the internet for ideas. Once you decide, how far will you go?

It’s pretty simple to recreate a simple family room in your home theater. Comfy couches and arm chairs (hopefully all with reclining cababilities) are the first step, and a coffee table and nice area rug finish it off.

Be sure to add some artwork or family photos for a truly homey feel. In this situation, wood-like components will fit in nicely.

For a sleek, modern style of home theater decor, look for furniture in neutral colors and with simple, straight lines.

Chrome will go a long way to make this look authentic, as will modern lamps (which of course you’ll use when you’re not watching your system!).

Keep paint colors neutral and artwork to a minimum. If you’re using a projection system, a retractable screen would be very cool in a modern home theater.

Perhaps the most fun way to decorate your home theater is in traditional movie house style.

Heavy, red velvet drapes over windows and the screen will frame the room, and sconces along the wall can provide soft uplighting.

You can find some very comfortable reclining chairs, or even go all out and order theater seating rows that you can install on graduated platforms.

Add a bar at the back with a soda fountain, candy bin, and old-style popcorn popper. You can even find trash cans that will fit this style for a truly authentic feel.

Whatever other components you put in your viewing room, don’t forget the home theater decor – it may truly make the room.