When looking at different home theater designs when you’re designing your own home theater, you’ll notice that there are four major things to take into consideration.

These are room design, acoustic treatment, construction, and system setup.

The system is what most consumers give the most thought to when thinking about their new home theater.

While this is really important, of course, even the best component setup won’t live up to its incredible potential. So, spend time considering your options for the system, but don’t ignore where it’s going to sit!

In constructing your room for the best sound quality, you have several options.

There is a lot of information online that can help you figure out how to achieve the best sound. A square or rectangular “box” room is the poorest option for good acoustics.

The other shapes you may consider involve some calculations and a basic understanding of the physics of sound.

If you’re not constructing from scratch, the placement of your screen, speakers, and seating are going to be even more crucial. Both of these situations are where a professional can come in very handy.

Someone with a specialized knowledge of sound waves and speaker function will be an incredible asset, and it’s probably worth their fee to get great sound in your home theater designs.

If your budget is on the high side, creating a fabulous acoustical environment is pretty easy.

Double wall construction and commercial acoustic paneling are an easy fix. These help you control the acoustics within the room, and to create acoustical isolation.

Acoustical isolation is important for the sanity of those with whom you live…not to mention your relationship with your neighbors!

If you want to fully enjoy the range of volume a good surround sound system can provide, it’s best to “pad” your room and keep the sound to yourself.

If your room is already constructed, look into available materials that you can put up on top of the drywall.

As you can see, there’s so much more to home theater designs than simply choosing a surround sound system and big screen television.