So, you’ve decided that it’s time to have a home theater. Which kind of home theater rooms appeal to you?

Are you going to convert your living or family room with a few components for a nice surround sound experience?

Are you getting involved in major construction and knocking down a couple of walls or adding an extra room?

Or are you one of the few lucky ones who are working with new construction, so you can basically do whatever you like?

Whichever situation you’re dealing with, you have the opportunity to create a fabulous viewing experience. So what do you need to create your home theater space?

- A room. As I mentioned above, you will have a dedicated room for your home theater, whether it’s a sound-proofed room in the basement, or simply an enhanced living room situation.

If you’re building from scratch, you will want to do research into the best shape for the acoustical experience you want.

Of course, this will vary based on what you’re using your home theater rooms for.

The more complicated room designs and shapes probably aren’t necessary for a basic family movie room or for a theater dedicated to watching your favorite team play every week.

- A screen. You have a choice here… you can either go for a big screen television, or a projector and a screen set-up. Both have their place, and your choice is going to depend on the lighting in your space, your budget, your intended use, and – of course – your personal preference.

- Seating. If you’re going all-out and creating a true theater experience, you have some great choices.

You can purchase rows of seating and place them on graduated platforms for an amphitheater effect, or go for luxurious recliners with coolers in the side. The choices are practically limitless.

- Lighting. Will you have ambient light along the floor while you’re viewing films? Or do you prefer total darkness?

Are there windows in the room you’re converting? If so, you’ll definitely want to find some total darkening curtains.

There are a number of things to consider when creating home theater rooms, and it’s worth the effort to make all of the pieces of the puzzle work together.