Knees and elbows are an area of the body that is predisposed to discoloration and darkening. This discoloration happens because these areas of the body have a propensity of becoming dry.  There are many products on the market designed for dealing with this problem, but sometimes these are expensive.  There are alternatives.  Natural remedies are often a much cheaper treatment option for dealing with dryness and lessening dark knee skin. 


Exfoliation is the first line of treatment against darkened skin on the body.  Exfoliating means to rid the body of dry, dead skin that can build up in certain areas of the body, such as the knees and elbows.  One way to exfoliate dead skin is to use an exfoliating scrub.  These scrubs can either be purchased or made at home.  One good homemade scrub that is easy to make is a lemon scrub.  Simply make this scrub by mixing salt and lemon juice together.  Lemon juice helps remedy discoloration and scrubbing with the salt will help loosen the dry skin. 

Another way to exfoliate at home would be to use a loofah and soap to scrub away the dry skin.



Lighten up dark skin on the knees with milk.  Yes, ordinary white milk can be an effective home remedy for discoloration  because the milk has a substance in it called lactic acid.  This lactic acid is a safe acid that can be used over time to lighten skin without the irritation that stronger chemicals can cause.  Simply pour milk into warm bathwater once a week.  Soak in this milk infused bathwater for about an hour and over time the skin will become softer and lighter in color.



A natural treatment for remedying knees that have dark, discolored skin is papaya.  A papaya is a fruit that contains the papain enzyme that blocks melanin.  Melanin is a pigment that is produced by cells called melanocytes and this makes the skin darken in response to increased time in the sun.   Using a ripe papaya, liberally apply it directly on to the previously exfoliated skin that is affected by darkened areas. Leave on the darkened skin for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing off.



Another home remedy to lighten dark skin is mint.  Mint is awesome at lessoning discoloration of the skin and is also easy to use.  To use this treatment, simply grind fresh mint leaves into a paste.  Apply this paste to the affected areas and leave on for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Rinse off.  Repeat this treatment several times a week and before long, the mint will lighten the skin tone.