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Home ultrasound unit, Ultrasound therapy unit

Home ultrasound machines are becoming more popular as people become better educated on the benefits of these amazing healing machines. However, there are some who still question the effectiveness and safety of home ultrasound therapy, but there is no sound basis for these things. It could be that the word ultrasound might make one a little squeamish, as it could come off as a bit too medical for some. In reality there is nothing to fear when it comes to home ultrasound therapy as you're about to find out.

The reason why there is nothing to fear is that the type of therapeutic ultrasound machine that is sold for home use isn't as strong as the ones used by physical therapists and doctors in their office. The main difference is that the ultrasound waves that are used by medical professionals are continuous waves and the ones used at home are a pulsating ultrasound wave.  If there is a downside to this it is that the home unit needs to be used more often since it is not as strong.

Typically when we make doctor appointments for ultrasound therapy treatments it's only one or two days a week and this works great since they have a stronger ultrasound machine.  However, to get the same benefit from a portable home ultrasound unit you most likely will need to do two or three treatments a day.

I don't know about you but I would rather do ten treatments a day than go to the doctor's office once a week. There is the driving time and gas used, as well as the waiting time in the waiting room. Not to mention all the other hassles that comes with keeping appointments. On the other hand, when doing treatments at home you can do them anytime and don't have to go anywhere.

Anything medical these days costs a fortune, so when you can self treat and save money why not do so. Home ultrasound machines come with instructions and are very simple to operate. To tell you the truth I was a bit apprehensive at first, but after a few treatments I felt like I had struck gold.

I had been going to physical therapy for months to rehab a broken knee and I got really tired of it plus I hated the therapist, so I decided to check into what I could do at home. I already knew what exercises to do, so it was just the ultrasound therapy that was missing. That is how I ended up with a home ultrasound unit and it was the best decision I ever made. Two years later I still use it.

Portable home ultrasound therapy machines are used to treat all types of sports injuries as well as sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sprains, back and joint pain, carpal tunnel, headaches and much more. They alleviate pain naturally with no side effects, which is very appealing to those who don't like or cannot tolerate over the counter or prescription pain killers.

The best part of all is that home portable ultrasound units are affordable. One would think that such a high tech gadget would cost a fortune, but they don't. In fact, you can get a good quality unit for under $75, complete with ultrasound gel ready to go. To find the best home ultrasound therapy machines just check out reviews and ratings on Amazon that's what I did.

Some brand names to look for are PMT Medical, LgMedSupply, Ultrasound, Reliamed, Sonic Relief and ProMed to name a few. These brands have positive reviews and high ratings.

Lastly, while home ultrasound therapy is considered to be safe, however, there are certain areas in which ultrasound is not recommended as well as certain body parts to avoid.

These areas include:  organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and bowels. Some of these body parts include: eyes, mouth, nose, brain, spinal cord, breasts, testicles, ovaries and rectum. Also, avoid areas with open sores, malignant tumors, infections, cancer and implants.

Always follow safety precautions and guidelines when using a home ultrasound therapy machine.

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