Let's face it, many people want to know how much does home warranty cost, before figuring out if they actually want it. But to many its not a question of want, but rather a question of need.

There are a ton of home protection and home warranty scams out there that make many people leery about even purchasing home warranty insurance. But first let's take a look at what home warranty actually is.

 What is Home Warranty?

Home protection also known as home warranty is the coverage that protects a home's major appliances, including the electrical, heating and plumbing systems. A lot of people ask what is home warranty? Mostly because the definition can often be mistaken for homeowner's insurance. And to be clear they really aren't one in the same. If your home is vandalized, robbed or if it is has a fire, your homeowner's insurance would cover any and all replacement costs up to the coverage amount you've purchased.

 A Home protection plan or warranty would cover your heating system breaking down in the dead of winter or your circuit breaker acting up. When thinking of a homeowner's insurance policy think of loss and replacement. When thinking of home warranty think of appliances and repair, not tied to theft or fire.

 And the thing about home ownership is that things do break down and sometimes when you least expect it. A home protection plan offers you that assurance that if something does go wrong you're only out of your “deductible” which is nominal compared to the fee usually charged just for a technician to show up, not to mention the high repair costs.

 How Much Does Home Warranty Cost?

 Each month your home protection plan may be typically around $50 dollars to $100 dollars a month. This range could vary for a few reasons. One, to get the cheapest home protection rate you may want to go through your bank, insurance provider or mortgage company. Why? Often times, costs are cheaper because the home protection company has a wider reach in a larger company, which obviously drives the cost of your home protection monthly fee down.

 You'll also have to pay a service fee if a technician with your home warranty company is dispatched should your appliance break.

 Typically a tech is chosen from a pool of service providers who contract with your warranty company. Sometimes people worry about the type of technicians or contractors dispatched, but most home protection providers rate their technicians based on last provided service and pay close attention to service complaints. So rest easy, that your service tech has usually been vetted through your company or some other local home warranty company.

 The Best Home Warranty Company

 To find the best home warranty company, pay careful note of those companies that are affiliated with your bank, mortgage company or insurance provider. Sure, just because your bank or insurance company chooses your home protection company, it doesn't always mean they are the best. But typically they've been around longer and have a service record a larger company like your bank believes in .

 Also check your Better Business Bureau for home warranty reviews and pay careful note to companies who don't respond to complaints and have a poor track record.

Home Warranty Cost(s) can really vary beyond the basic plan you may choose. Be aware that there are often add on options to carry additional appliances should they malfunction or break which could make your monthly home protection costs go up.

 Do you have a home protection plan, if so, how much does your home warranty cost?