Water filtration

I’m sure by now most everyone has heard or read about unsafe drinking water and how some municipalities add hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals to your drinking water in attempt to make it safe for you and your family to drink.  I was one of those people that read an article as described above and immediately became concerned about the chemicals that were going into my wife and children’s bodies.  I immediately started doing research on the internet to find the best and most cost effective way to get these contaminates out of the water we consumed at home, and ultimately decided to purchase an under sink reverse osmosis system. 

Here is a simplistic explanation of how a reverse osmosis system works; water is pushed through a membrane, or extremely fine filter, by the same water pressure that pushes water out of your sink faucet, so there is no electricity needed for this application.  After the water passes through the membrane it goes into a collecting tank that sits under your sink, once the collecting tank is full the water stops pushing through the membrane.  The water then sits in the tank until you draw water from it via a separate faucet that is usually included with the purchase of the reverse osmosis system.

Fast forward three years; I have been happily drinking my reverse osmosis water thinking that I have been providing the safest and most pure water for my family.  The fact is that the water my family is drinking is to pure, and many of the trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium found in tap water are being removed through the reverse osmosis process.  Reverse osmosis water can actually have a negative effect on your body because it will draw minerals from your body that have been removed during the reverse osmosis process.  The long term effects of drinking reverse osmosis water can lead to many diseases such as arthritis, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, and so on.  With this information in hand I promptly discontinued the use of the reverse osmosis system in our house; my wife thinks I’m crazy because it seems every other week I come home with some new piece of information that will require us to change what we are drinking or what we are eating, but when it comes to health I want to make sure I stay well informed. 

What can I do next? I still have an interest in providing our family with water that is free of toxins and pesticides, but I want it contain the trace minerals that are naturally found in our tap water.   I started looking at water ionization systems, this is an expensive option, but the health benefits sound pretty profound.  After doing some research I found the best unit for the money was the Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer, but this unit carried a fairly hefty price tag and I wasn't looking to spend over $1,000 for a water filter.  I think the better alternative if you have an interest in trying ionized water would be The Original IonPod®, which is essentially a water bottle that requires you to add your home tap water to and within minutes you will have ionized water.  The water is suppose to have an improved taste and be free or toxins, but this is not a realistic option for me to fill this bottle and wait three minutes every time my children want a glass of water.  

After diligent research I found the best option for me would be the Watts 2-Stage Water Filtration System . The carbon block filter in this unit will not remove the naturally occurring minerals that are found in tap water, but will eliminate or reduce pesticides, lead, mercury, chlorine, and other harmful elements found in normal tap water.  The water tastes great and I am now more comfortable knowing the water my family is not being robbed of trace minerals that are removed during the reverse osmosis process.  I hope you found this article to be of some assistance in helping you make the best decision for providing you and your family the highest quality water.