The world is becoming increasingly curious about green energy and cutting greenhouse gases. Home wind generators are on the cutting edge of technology and demonstrate what can be accomplished in the renewable energy field. Easy to install, robust, and able to generate watt after watt of clean energy, home wind generators are dropping in cost and increasing in value in the mind of the public. Someday within the next few decades, the sight of small, compact wind generators may dot neighborhoods in the same way that television aerials once did.

Home Wind Generators Provide Clean Energy

A home wind generator is typically mounted on a tall pole or on top of a house, barn or other structure that is in an open, wind-friendly area. These lightweight windmills are made from space age materials and are designed to provide trouble free maintenance for years. There are clean wind generators that resemble a traditional bladed windmill, but many of the most efficient and powerful energy producers are vertically bladed home wind generators. The rotating blades spin to produce an electrical current that is fed to an inverter and then into the electrical grid of the house. The latest advances in the wind energy game are plug and go models. Incredibly, this means you simply plug the generator into an existing outlet and electricity is available for use in the household. The Jellyfish windmill is one of the most popular of these models and is being touted as being a real game changer in the wind power industry.

The Jellyfish home wind generator is a true plug-in, clean power source. It installs easily in just a few hours and can generate enough power to offset lighting an average home that uses CFLs. Straight from the box, the Jellyfish has all the mounting brackets, cables, and equipment to install. An on board micro-inverter means no additional complicated wiring. Just plug it in! If the homeowner needs more power, the Jellyfish will also work in conjunction with solar panels or another Jellyfish unit. The Jellyfish even has a shutoff feature to prevent high winds from damaging the machine. The Jellyfish is coming to major retailers and do-it-yourself stores in 2011 at a price of around $400 to $500. Its success will usher in a whole new generation of home wind generators from rival companies and the cost for these wind machines should drop.

For anyone wishing to go off the grid totally, a large home wind generator may make this a possibility. Most home wind generators, however, are meant as a supplement to coal or nuclear based electricity. For now, the cost and efficiency is not quite capable of delivering the necessary amount of energy for an acceptable price. Environmentalists will appreciate any chance to reduce greenhouse gases and lessen their carbon footprint. The Jellyfish generator is just one of many home wind generators that may greatly influence the way households use power in the coming decades. The research and development of new clean energy devices is in full swing and there will be continued improvement in the home energy market. Large scale windfarms will eventually provide the nation with a great deal of electricity and as the acceptance of these machines become mainstream, society will embrace an push for more home units.