Toothache natural remedies

Toothache is the pain around the teeth or gum area due to various reasons like gum diseases, cavities, tooth crack etc. It may cause bleeding, tooth rot, swelling of and discharge from the gum. Extra sensitivity to heat and cold, redness in the gum area, inflammation of jaw and gum, increased pain are some of the symptoms of toothache. Wrong diet causes tooth decay. Excessive intake of snacks and sugary foods like sweets, candy, pastries, refined carbohydrate and soft drinks produce bacteria inside the mouth that gives birth to acid from the sugar element and combine with the calcium that leads to tooth erosion. Apart from all these lack of proper care of teeth can very obviously result in toothache. Toothache pain can become unbearable and terribly agonizing and so needs an immediate relief. Following some home remedies one suffering from toothache can fix the pain. A severe toothache makes one’s life so much miserable that one might not want to get out of his place and faces troubles to chew food everytime. Though home made remedies help you to get rid of the pain but it may not cure the problem permanently if it is a serious and persistent one and therefore should get a medical care. However some of the easy and natural remedies are listed as follows:


  • In early days garlic has been used by crushing it and putting it around the teeth or gum area that is affected. Nowadays the clove of garlic along with some rock salt is thought to be a great help to cure the pain if kept in the affected tooth. Its antibacterial property in its compound called allicin prevents the bacterial activities and gives relief to the pain. Chewing garlic every morning makes one’s teeth healthy and stronger also.


  • Onion has been seen beneficial in treating toothache. You can take a piece of onion and place it on the tooth for 3 minutes as it reduces bacteria and removes germs from your mouth.


  • Lime with its peel can be consumed to get rid of toothache  and bleeding. Lime possesses vitamin C and is a natural agent that fights off bacterial infection and germs that may often lead to severe toothache.


  • Wheat grass is said to have antibiotic property that protects our teeth from bacteria. Therefore the juice of wheat grass acts as effective mouthwash that stops tooth decay and the agony caused by toothache. The grass can also be chewed to serve the same purpose.


  • Asafoetida has been used from ancient times as a reliable medicine against toothache. It is a traditional method to treat tooth pain. It is a bitter material obtained from the root of various plants. It should be crushed and added to lemon juice. After that it should be a little heated to make a lotion and a cotton swab soaked in it is to be placed in the cavities afterwards and it will provide immediate relief.


  • Cloves contain Eugenol that works as an antiseptic element against dental problems. Most of the toothpastes consist of cloves that act to be excellent anesthetic compound reducing the pain and also strengthening the gum. You can dab a cotton ball in clove oil and put it on the decayed tooth area to prevent the erosion.


  • Rinse your mouth well by salt water. It is an effective mouthwash that kills germs and bacteria. Another way is to soak a cotton piece in brandy or whisky and apply it on the affected tooth. It leaves a numbing effect to the pain and you can get instant relief.