When looking at upping the value of your property, the most cost-effective action to do this is to improve the exterior. When a potential buyer turns up at your property this is the first thing they will see, if it looks dirty and is in a mess this could turne them around. If you are toying with the idea of selling your property you will have a lot of competition, so make sure your property looks great. Try and be candid and regard the property as a stranger would do. The grounds - does it look like it wants some time put into it? If you have a lawned area, is it free from mess and mowed? The property itself - is it spotless and is the surrounding area tidy? There are lots of ways you can enhance the appearance of the outside of your house, some will increase the value, others are just pleasing to the eye. Up to 10 percent can be added to the value of your property if it makes a great first impression.

Door Quality

Your front door is the doorway into your property, so it is going to be one of the first things a potential purchaser will see. To make some improvements to the door, you could put some detail around it or replace it, maybe with a door that has coloured glass panels or glass sandblasting. Consider installing sidelights, they are functional as well as welcoming when you approach the house. By lighting the porch a small area can seem more spacious and less formidable. By improving the front door and the area around it will without doubt give a nice impression even if it doesn't add much, if any, value to the house.


When buyers look at windows, they not only judge the appeal but their practicality, too. Have your windows got good insulation such as are they double-glazed? To keep in the heat they also need to be energy efficient. Are they free from cracks and do they lock easily? If your windows need replacing, search around for windows that have all these features. If your windows are tiny and you are replacing them, think about installing larger windows to let in more light and make inside rooms look more spacious. People buy space and light; who walks into a really dark house and says, 'I love this'.


If the landscaping is out of control, you may want to enlist a professional landscaper to spice it up maybe putting in coloured stones and decorative plants to the landscaping. Work that should be left to the professional landscape architects and designers are the building of conservatories, patios and decking, for example, into the existing landscape. Hiring a professional is never the cheap choice, but if you do then you could see your property value go up by as much as 20 percent. Did you also know that a property that has mature trees on the land genuinely boost the saleability? This is not just a vague opinion, as a number of surveys have shown that an jump of between 7 and 19 percent is seen on the value of the home if a garden is nicely landscaped and also has mature trees.. I have several fruitful years in working as a realtor and saw how minor improvement kick started a house in the market!