Replacement windows

The first impression people get of your home happens when they arrive and see your house and garden. Windows are a major part of how your house looks. They are also a big factor in the comfort of the people and pets living in that house. Add in security and utility bills to the mix and you will see how windows are important to your lifestyle, the value of your house and the beauty of your garden. Since windows are not cheap you will want to make sure you get the right windows when you replace old ones. Think about the window replacement for your home before you rush in and end up with regrets.


Keep in mind the color palette of your home and select window colors that harmonize with the other colors of your house. In most cases windows are going to come in the same colors inside as outside so keep in mind how your interior rooms will be coordinated as well as the exterior of your house. Most window frame material can be factory painted for an additional cost or you can add your own paint job. You can even choose colors to go along with a color-coordinated landscape. But remember that garden colors are likely to change more often than house colors.


Research the kind of windows you need for proper installation. Do you want retrofitted windows that will be easier to install? This can save you a little money on labor or be easier if you plan to install the windows yourself. If you already have problems with leaks or structural issues with your old windows, you may prefer to use nail-on windows. Also decide if you want double glazing and whether or not you want argon gas between the glass. The gas will give you the best insulation, but some people believe the argon gas dissipates within a couple of years. Argon gas is most effective for colder climates whereas the 'low-e' reflectivity of a widow glass is more critical for heat impact in hot sunny climates. In many places including the argon gas is required if you want to qualify for special rebates.

Don't just jump into grabbing the first windows you see, but do your research. Select your windows for both beauty and practicality. There are many styles of windows and glass. Consider how you want your windows to open and close – in or out, up and down or side-to-side, for example. Think about what materials are best for your windows. Wood is always beautiful but it will take regular maintenance to keep it in good condition -- especially in very wet or dry climates. There are impressive faux wood window frames available in vinyl, composite, vinyl clad metal and fiberglass. And there are many finishes to choose from. Also make sure your windows will blend in well with your front door design.

Do the prep

Make sure your measurements are accurate and consider other issues like locks and screens so you can make the most out of your new windows. Interview any contractors you will be using and make sure you are getting good quality workmanship in addition to a good price. Take your time to do it right the first time because fixes are likely to be more expensive in labor, frustration and money if they have to be done later.

Remember that changing out old windows will start to pay back as soon as they are installed. Your comfort and convenience will make your home more enjoyable to live in. Your home will stay at a more constant temperature and your utility bills will decrease as the insulation envelope of your house is improved. Check into federal incentives and rebates in your area, too. There are many financial offers out there to encourage energy efficiency in residential homes currently. You might save enough in rebates to afford some fancy hardware or to help pay for a higher quality window.