Homemade Christmas gifts, do not need to be crafty. You don't have to have all kinds of creative talent, just some thoughtful ideas, and a bit of time.

This is especially true, if you are trying to come up with a Christmas gift for grandparents, or someone who has absolutely every gadget out there. I mean how many more scarves and gloves do your friends need? How many times have you stood in that lineup at the department store doing that last minute shopping? For gifts that you really only had a few minutes to think about, and probably will just end up in a drawer somewhere. But you think "its the thought that counts right? Try creating your own gifts this year.

What do you create? What homemade Christmas gift, will be good for people like that on your list, that won't look tacky or cheap? You think "I am not crafty or talented that way, what could I possibly make or give"?

Well the answer is "Time"

Why not create gifts of time to spend with them. Example: My mother recently moved out of the family home, and into a condo and downsized most of her things. Us kids ended up getting furniture, dishes etc.. and even all the photo albums, so why would I buy my mom more "things"?.

Instead my sister and I, came up with the gift of dinner with "the girls". My mom absolutely loved this for a gift, she couldn't wait to book the date and table. Us girls met for dinner and had a great time, she was so happy about it, that we felt guilty for not having done this sooner. I mean we talk to mom all the time on the phone, and we see her at all the family gatherings, but it had been a long time since we had done anything like that. Dinner out, just us girls, for really no special reason, other than to spend time together.

Handmade Christmas Gifts - Homemade Gift Certificates

We had created our own homemade gift certificate for her Christmas present, and it was one of her best gifts. Getting together takes a bit of organizing, so she knew, we meant to give her something nice, and appreciated the time and effort it took for us to get together, since we all live an hour apart.

Anyone can go and buy something at the big box store and wear out the credit card for Homemade Christmas Gifts(132646)Credit: morguefile.comsomething that the other person really doesn't need or want. You don't have to give up any of your time, you just purchase it, have it there Christmas morning, and hope they like it. Then get stuck with the big bills in January. Whereas a homemade Christmas gift, that comes from the heart, and takes some time to organize will mean a lot more to someone who would rather spend time with you then receive things.

Older People Don't Need "More Things"

My mom used to say, "I will just be giving them back to you" she is 76 years old, so, we try to spend time with her when we can anyways, but a special Homemade Christmas gift of maybe a small tin of your homemade cookies, and a homemade gift certificate attached with your idea of an outing, will be very well received.

It doesn't have to be much. A friend of mine, told me, she would rather have a coffee and a muffin with me and an afternoon of visiting, then a purchased gift, as we were finding it harder and harder to get together with all of life's activities. We kept saying.. "we should get together soon" This way, you will!.

Handmade Christmas Gifts - Time

We have all got wrapped up in this mad chaos of gift buying and giving. Take a good look at your list this year. You may want to get your kids that latest gadget, that is up to you, but does grandma need more kitchen gadgets? or do your friends need more "stuff"? Rethink some of your list. You could probably pare down expenditures, by really thinking about giving your "time" to a friend or your grandma rather than things. Plus you will enjoy this too! It really ends up being a gift for both of you.

I bet if you check with some of your family or friends, they might just say the same thing. With the economy giving our wallets a nasty tug, it might just be time to go back to really thinking out gifts. Remember when you were a kid, and you only had so much money, and you would have to get creative with gifts? Or make your own? Maybe it is time to go back to that for most of your gifts.

Homemade Christmas GiftsCredit: morguefile.com

With Economy Giving our Wallets a Nasty Tug - Homemade Christmas Gifts are Better!

Create a block of time, create some homemade Christmas gifts. Anything from gift certificates of "time", homemade cookies, homemade bread and jams... it doesn't have to be store bought. Something they could enjoy with you. With that tin of homemade cookies, you could have a special note, saying you would like to come over and enjoy those cookies with them. Watch their face light up, that is the best present right there.

At first, I thought my mom might think we are being cheap, but she would trade everything for time with us, laughing and having fun. We all get so busy with life, but sometimes we just have to make the time to spend with family and friends. It is all to easy to converse with friends via email, rather than spend an evening with them. The same with family. We need to reconnect and enjoy their company. It is good for our health.

Why not create homemade Christmas gifts this year? Really think about what each person would like from you or with you. A movie together? A hike in the local parks? A coffee and treat and a yak at the local coffee shop? Or just get caught up on life, with an afternoon visit. Spending some time with your family and friends is good for your heart and soul. We are social creatures, but are hiding more and more behind electronics (cell phones, computers, black berries).

This year make "time" your homemade Christmas gifts and drive right by the lineups at the mall. Enjoy the peace of the season, and let it carry on as new traditions into the New Year.

Make sure that you come with this gift. Take them to Starbucks and have a wonderful time.