Homemade costumes can save you a ton of money, and be unique at the same time; the only downfall is that you have to come up with the idea for the costume yourself. There are many homemade costume ideas that you can create; some are difficult and take a lot of time, while others are quite easy and can be made in a mere 30 minutes. The extent in which you decide to make your costume all depends on your time availability, skill level, and creativity; however, all of the homemade costume ideas that are featured in this article are easy enough that absolutely anybody can create them, even if it is their first time creating a costume. There are many benefits of creating and wearing a homemade costume, some of which include: saving time looking for a costume, money being spent on a costume, and a huge sense of accomplishment. Moreover, all of these homemade costume ideas will allow you to receive these benefits in the easiest manner; they are easy enough that absolutely anybody can go about creating them. If you are in the mood to create a do-it-yourself costume, have some extra time on your hands, and want to express your creativity, you can use these homemade costume ideas as an exemplified guide to formulate your costume; use them as is, alter them slightly, or change them entirely...but whatever you do, always remember to have fun when creating a homemade costume because wearing costumes is all about having fun!

A TouristTourist Costume For CouplesCredit: Amazon.com

Dressing up as a tourist has been placed at the top of the homemade costume ideas list because it merely uses the clothes that you already own. When you visit another country, you are considered as a tourist; however, you are simply wearing your regular clothes when you visit another country as a tourist. Some of the main differences are simply the accessories that you carry with you; many tourists seem to carry cameras, pouches, and travel bags with them. Therefore, to dress up as a tourist you will only have to wear your own clothes, as well as carry around a few of these "tourist exclusive" accessories! Dressing up as a tourist is one of the easiest homemade costume ideas to create because it simply involves altering your regular clothes with the addition of a few accessories.

A Homeless PersonToddler Hobo Costume 6-7 Years OldCredit: Amazon.com

Homeless people are simply people that do not have homes; moreover, because of this they are known to be dirty, wear old clothes, and not well groomed. Although these are sad facts, they have proven to be amazing in regards to homemade costume ideas. To do this you will simply need some old clothes that you no longer need, an ungroomed beard, and some dirt. Grab those old clothes and tear some small holes in them; this will be your attire for your costume. About 2 weeks in advance avoid shaving as much of your facial hair as possible (if you are a male); this will really portray the idea of a homeless person rather than simply a costume. And the final step is to take the dirt and rub it all over the torn clothes, as well as your exposed body parts. If done correctly, you should be able to stand at the corner of an intersection holding a cup, and people should pull over to give you change. Dressing up as a homeless person can be quite easy, and for that reason is included in this article of homemade costume ideas.

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A Killer Surgeon

Dressing up as a killer surgeon can provide you with one of the manAdult Surgeon Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comy homemade costume ideas; it allows you to completely take on the role of the character, rather than simply dressing up as one. To do this you should gather up a white painter’s suit, a pair of rubber gloves, and red food coloring. Wipe the red food coloring all over the white painter's suit in small blotchy spots; this will resemble the blood of the patient that you have just operated on. Allow the food coloring to dry so that you do not ruin any of your, or anyone else's clothes. When you are getting ready you should simply put on the stained painter's suit, and the pair of gloves; if done correctly you should resemble a surgeon that has just killed somebody. Dressing up as a killer surgeon can be a fun role playing costume, and for that reason has been featured on this list of homemade costume ideas.

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A Construction Worker

Construction is a real life occupation, and is one of the best homemade costume ideaMelissa And Doug Construction Worker Costume SetCredit: Amazon.coms to be featured in this article; it requires nearly no preparation and materials. To create this costume you will have to acquire a hard hat, a pair of safety boots, and a construction fluorescent vest. All that you will have to do is put on a pair of jeans, white shirt, hard hat, fluorescent vest, and pair of safety boots; once this has been done, your attire can be considered finished. You will also have to make yourself look like you have just been working on a construction site by using dirt to make yourself look dirty. Once all of this has been done you are ready to hit the road with one of the best homemade costume ideas available.

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A Billboard

Posing as a billboard can be one of the most fun and creative homemade costume ideas available. This is because you can literally draw and write whatever you want on your billboard costume. You should simply cut out a large piece of cardboard that is roughly 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall; this size is large enough to be noticed, but not large enough to get in the way. You can either cut a hole in the cardboard to put your head through, or simply attach a piece of rope in a picture-like position to hang it around your neck; whichever way that you choose, it will still resemble a billboard. The next step is where the creativity comes into play: you should design the billboard with absolutely anything that you feel! You can use funny phrases, pictures, words, or absolutely anything that you like. Dressing up as a billboard is one of the best homemade costume ideas because it allows you to fully express your creativity.

A School Geek

TMens Nerd School Geek Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comhis is one of the best homemade costume ideas because the style of the costume is so stereotypical that everybody will know what you are dressed as almost immediately upon seeing you. For this you will need a pair of glasses, some scotch tape, a dress shirt, suspenders, and a bowtie. First off you should apply some scotch tape to the middle and sides of the pair of glasses; this will portray the scotch tape holding the frame together. Next you should pull your pants up to a level that is noticeably above your waist, and attach the suspenders to the belt line. For an added effect you can carry around a book bag or a few textbooks. This is one of the best homemade costume ideas because it has the same effect buying a costume from a store in which everyone recognizes what the costume is; however, it is created by you!

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A Painter

This is a rather easy for anybody that is a painter, or knows a painter and has made it onto this list of homemade costume ideas for this simple reason. To create this costume you can either use a painters pullover for the best effect, or simply jeans and a t-shirt for a mediocre effect. However, whichever attire that you decide upon, it will be the amount and pattern of paint that is on it that will do the convincing. You should use some paint to splatter it all over the clothes in a random-like pattern; there should be no method to applying the paint, but rather just randomly placing paint on the clothes. The more random that the paint is on the clothes, the more convincing that it will be that you are dressing up as a painter. This costume is easy to create and has been featured in this article of homemade costume ideas because it requires absolutely no skill or knowledge to create!

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Creating a costume yourself for Halloween, a costume party, or simply for fun can be very rewarding; this article provides you with a list of homemade costume ideas that you can use to create your own costume. These homemade costume ideas can be used as is, altered slightly, or even simply used as ideas to lead to the creation of other costumes. It is important to remember that these homemade costume ideas are just a few of the many that are out there; they have been chosen because of their ease of use, little knowledge requirement, and little material requirement. If you feel that one of these is suitable for you, go ahead and use it! But remember...always have fun when you are creating a costume because dressing up is about having fun; and that rule should follow through, even in the creation of the costume.