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Among the certain and most excellent means to make shopping for presents a lot easier as well as save some money this year is by coming up with unique homemade gift basket ideas so you can make the presents yourself. Homemade gift basket ideas for mothers day gift baskets or a wine gift basket, for instance, are endless, so you do not have to worry about yourself who lacks creativity. Everyone wants to get something extraordinary rather than the usual handkerchief or shirt, so now is the perfect time to make your presents stand out by creating themed hampers.

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The uniqueness of a themed hamper has become popular and widely accepted by a lot of people. In case you are searching for homemade gift basket ideas, the one thing you should not fail to consider is a present like a wine gift basket.

The great thing about a hamper that has a number of wines in it is its striking appearance that cannot be matched easily by other types of themed hampers. Needless to say, wines are always within reach during festivities, making it a very ideal present to almost everyone. In addition, a wine such as red wine boasts of its health benefits and makes each meal more enjoyable when accompanied with it.

When coming up with great homemade gift basket ideas, you have to keep in mind that a present like this goes well with practically all events like birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, etc. and will be appreciated not only by family and close friends, but by acquaintances as well. You will certainly not go wrong with this kind of present.

The following are some homemade gift basket ideas to consider for a themed hamper such as a wine gift basket:

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Wines – Wine Aerator

Include a wine aerator or finer, a small tool (about the shape and size of a pen) that is placed in the bottle neck before pouring the wine. And as it runs through the wine aerator, the wine is being filtered by getting rid of some pieces of cork which could have cracked in the bottle as well as residues. Additionally, there are wine aerators that are created to keep the wine from dripping while being poured.

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Wines – Books/DVDs about Wines

One of the most recommended homemade gift basket ideas for this particular present is by including a book that talks about different wines and regions. A book that is on the subject of making wine and how it all started is more than welcomed. Another option is a video or DVD about making wines at home – something that is ideal for a person who is interested in this particular field.

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Wines – Screw Pull

You must not forget the screw pull to avoid people and walls from getting smacked by the champagne cork that goes up in the air. With this tool, everyone still gets to have fun despite the "bursting" sound of the cork. A screw pull is placed on the bottle, and the person has to make sure that it is tightly clutched before twisting. The cork will then fly into the screw pull with a pleasing pop and without doing any harm.

Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Wines – Wine Tasting Kit

Adding a kit about wine tasting is also among the great homemade gift basket ideas for a present like this. The kit normally consists of bottle tags, notepads, a log or journal where you can store permanent remarks or notes, bottle sticker remover for you to be able to place the stickers in your journal, directions for wine tasting, and bottle stoppers. Furthermore, there are some kits which can be utilized by a maximum of two persons, whereas some are perfect for a group of people (i.e. wine tasting party).

So now that you've made an idea about how such a themed hamper can be combined here are some other homemade gift basket ideas that would be easy for you to create depending on your preferences. Not only this but you can always select them in such a manner so that them will fit the persons to whom them are offered: Garden Lover's, Painter's, Tee Lover's, Kid, Wellness or Photographer themed hamper - to name just a few from an endless list.

Promotional Gift Ideas

While homemade gift basket ideas are considered by people who give presents only to a couple of family members, colleagues, and friends, companies are busy looking for great promotional gift ideas for things they can give to their loyal customers as giveaways. Christmas is actually the time of year in which promotional souvenir manufacturers are extremely busy. Businesses give souvenirs to their patrons during the holiday not only to show gratitude, but also to promote their company.

If you own a company and are thinking of something that will make your souvenirs look like "real presents", you can apply some homemade gift basket ideas to them. And that is another cool thing about homemade gift basket ideas - they are not only for gourmet products, chocolates, snacks and other goodies, toys, etc. but homemade gift basket ideas can also be used for company souvenirs just so they do not look like the usual souvenirs or mementos that businesses typically give.

One of the most common, yet excellent homemade gift basket ideas that you can consider for your giveaway items is by bringing them altogether in a themed hamper. And this can be beautifully decorated in at least 100 different ways.

Furthermore, this may cost you some money as you will need to have various items to be given away, especially if you have so many loyal customers. In general, companies only have one or two different items with their logo printed on them, but you can make yours a cut above the rest by having an assortment of giveaways. One of the excellent homemade gift basket ideas is to include a number of different personalized items that complement every one of them, with each item to be included in a decorated present box.

There are lots of cheap giveaway items available such as mouse mats, pens, paper trays, calendar, desktop clocks, wall clocks, spill-proof mugs, and a lot more. You do not necessarily have to give these to all of your customers; just your regular clients are enough, although you can also give one or two souvenirs to those who patronize your products or services from to time.

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