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If you are gearing up for the holidays, you might be in the market for some homemade gift ideas for Christmas. Whether you’re tight on cash or simply looking to save a few bucks this season - homemade gift ideas for Christmas are always a great option for friends and family members. So if you need some unique and creative ideas to get the ball rolling, try a few on our list. Just put your own personal spin on them and you’ll have the recipient smiling from ear to ear with holiday cheer!

Photo Ornaments As Special Keepsakes

Creating some type of homemade ornament is always a popular option, and they’re one of the easiest homemade gift ideas for Christmas to pull off. You can make them out of bulb ornaments, cardboard, construction paper, or even popsicle sticks. Create a structure that will house the photo of your choice and decorate accordingly. Choose festive colors and photos that will mean something special to the recipient. Putting your own personal edge on homemade gift ideas for Christmas like this will give them that added touch that so many store bought gifts lack.

Cookie Tin For The Person On Your List With A Sweet Tooth

If you have a gaggle of teachers, friends, or family members to give gifts to this year – baked goods are the absolute no-fail homemade gift ideas for Christmas. By picking up some inexpensive tins or plastic containers from a craft store – you can personalize them for each recipient and have a delicious and personalized gift for each one. Choose recipes that everyone will enjoy – like sugar cookies or chocolate chip. It’s one of those homemade gift ideas for Christmas that just might have people hoping you use the same idea next year!

Tie Blankets Are Easy And Well Received

With chilly weather abound, a tie blanket is one of the most seasonally appropriate homemade gift ideas for Christmas on our list. It’s a no sew project and will take you just a few hours to do! Simply purchase about 3 yards of fabric and layer them on top of one another. Cut 2 inch strips along the edges of each fabric piece and begin tying them together. Before you know this, your two pieces will be tied into one and you’ll have a very cozy blanket on your hands. It’s one of the snuggliest homemade gift ideas for Christmas out there!

Cocoa Mugs Everyone Will Love

This next selection on our homemade gift ideas for Christmas list is great for people like teachers, the mail man, bus drivers, or car pool drivers. A personalized mug decorated with ceramic paint and stuffed with all the fixings to create the perfect cup of hot chocolate make for a quick and easy present. Its homemade gift ideas for Christmas like this that takes very little time to create, but mean a lot when given.


Personalized Tote Bag

A tote is always something you can use – so it makes for a great gift! But why just give any generic bag? Use this as an opportunity to take advantage of this very efficient and useful selection on our homemade gift ideas for Christmas list. Personalize the bag for the recipient using stencils, paint, markers, and more. You can even sew on accessories for a bolder look. It’s also one of the many homemade gift ideas for Christmas that will fill up a rainy (or snowy) afternoon with a fun project for you or the kids!

Learn to Knit and Make Beautiful Gifts!

If you learn to knit, there are literally HUNDREDS of homemade gift ideas for Christmas that you can create. From scarves to sweaters to socks to hats, the options are virtually endless. And who doesn’t love a cozy, knitted addition to their wardrobe? This simple skill will let you create a customized present for each and every person, and inexpensively! Homemade gift ideas for Christmas are an added bonus – so consider taking up this fun hobby!

Recipe Book For Anyone Who Loves To Cook

If you’re looking unique and homemade personal gift ideas for gift giving this Christmas to share with loved ones – think about creating a recipe book. There are plenty of websites that will allow you to easily create a custom and professional-looking book that is perfect for gift giving. Fill it with favorites for appetizers, drinks, desserts, and dinner and this is one of the many homemade gift ideas for Christmas that will have recipients itching to use it!

So while these ideas for homemade gifts to give this Christmas are just a few of the many options you have to choose from, be sure to keep your recipient in mind and be creative. The holidays are a special time for everyone – so use these homemade gift ideas for Christmas to up the ante even more this year! Enjoy creating personal gifts and then have an amazing time watching everyone open them!