Few things in life carry the thought and warmth of homemade gifts, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just to let someone know that they are special.

But making a homemade gift can be a bit troubling, after all, where do you start? And even then, do I have enough time to make such a gift? These are certainly sound questions, but there are many inexpensive and easy to construct homemade gifts that can brighten up anyone.

Before you begin, you should always tailor your homemade gift to the person you are giving it to. You can make a gift for an activity or decoration, the possibilities are literally endless.

Many homemade gift ideas are usually centered on containers that can hold loose items like pencils, nuts and bolts, and other items found around the house. Constructing a simple gift that can hold those items makes for a useful gift that can last for many years. Other types of homemade gifts are decorations, whether for the Christmas tree or just around the house, they can serve as a daily reminder of the thoughtful gift you had given them.

Edible arrangements make wonderful homemade gifts for parties, dinners, and other types of get-togethers. A “Candy Wreath” for example can be made using a wire hanger fashioned in a circle; take a small section of ribbon and tie a piece of hard candy to the wire. Repeat the process until the circle is filled with candies, making an attractive, holiday wreath that you can eat. See dozens of free edible bouquet projects here.

Or for those of you who like to bake cookies, presenting them in a mason jar complete with a homemade lid and recipe attached make for a perfect holiday gift.

Make your Christmas tree unique by taking some old CDs, and gluing a photo of your child, relative, or significant other to one side, backed with felt that is cut out around the photo. Several of these hanging on your tree make for wonderful homemade Christmas gifts.

Travel tray for activities: This is the perfect, easy to make gift for children who like to doodle, color, or create though writing.  If you have an old cookie sheet, glue white contact paper on one side, chalkboard contact paper on the other. Then in an envelope or small carry bag have dry erase markers and a small cloth to wipe the board with. This is perfect for road trips to let the children have some fun.

Even an old rock lying around the house can make for an interesting paperweight. Just find one large enough to hold down some papers, but small enough to handle easily. Decorate with decoupage paper on top and glue some felt on the bottom. After it dries, you can write a message on top of the rock and give it away as a present.

These are but a few ideas for homemade gifts that you can give to your friends, family and other loved ones. They may be simple to make, but the effort and thought behind them will bring a lifetime of cherished memories.

Delicious homemade gifts