As the Halloween season approaches many are wondering what they will do this year that will set them apart. Although costumes can be extremely expensive, homemade halloween costumes for couples can not only be fun to make, but can set a pair apart from the rest of the crowd. All it takes is a theme, a little creativity, and some basic supplies.

Costumes do not always require sewing. In fact, some of the best require little when it comes to skill related fashion design in order to make something really unique. For instance if a couple wants to become Avatars this year, old ripped up clothes, pointed ears, and a tail that are all that are required. To replicate the characters in the movie, what made them unique was the makeup which can be replicated fairly easily with some basic supplies.

In many cases it's the makeup that changes a person from who they are into something mythical. For instance, if a couple wanted to arrive at their party as Beauty and the Beast one would soon realize that both characters wear everyday clothing, although his is a little tattered. Couples Halloween Costume

However, the makeup and lion mane turns him into a living, breathing beast. Beauty can only be identified as such because she is with him, but her makeup is very subtle and clothing can be found at almost any thrift store.

This holiday provides many opportunities for people to become someone else and take on a character that is so unlike who they really are that they can be difficult to recognize.

Whether they choose to become a cartoon character or an alien from outer space, many options are available, but the best ones often involve extensive makeup. It's so much fun for people to see you and even hear you, yet wonder who you really are.

The theme couple select often helps to narrow down the choices. For instance, if a classic theme is selected perhaps Bonnie and Clyde would be the perfect choice or the jailbird and the warden.

For those who want to go a little more rustic they may want to select a Tarzan and Jane look or go as Fred and Wilma. Occasionally role reversals are fun and are often surprising to everyone. For the more unique costumes one may choose to go as inanimate objects like salt and pepper or a spoon and fork.

With Halloween quickly approaching it's important to think about how you, as a couple, will dress to impress. There are many options available, but it doesn't always mean that you have to spend a fortune to become someone else. By having fun with homemade halloween costumes for couples, especially, creativity and unity will make a bigger statement than anything else.